Can't work out how to trace my Maidsafecoin from April 2014

Hi folks, n00b here - really interested in this project and wanted to ask a quick question.

I took part in the Maidsafe crowdfunding in April 2014. I remember sending bitcoin at the time but strange as it sounds, I now have no real memory of how I did this! I’ve searched my emails from the time and all the wallets that I had access to back in the day but no joy.


I don’t actually have access to the wallet that I would have used at the time (think it was probably Mycelium) so this is a pretty lame question - but does anyone have any other suggestions for where I could look / what I could be looking that might help please? I’m pretty certain that it’s a lost cause now but given how helpful this community is and how many people there are who are smarter than me, I wanted to give it a go!

Thanks all! :slight_smile:

If you saved the passkeys that you used to create your Mycelium wallet (the passkeys are words that you entered into your device and should have kept in a safe place for a time like this), you can recreate your wallet on another device, restoring the private key and giving you access to your MAID coins. Otherwise, those MAIDSafe coins are lost forever.

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You can see a list of all the crowdsale participants here: MaidSafeCoin (MAID) - Price & Trading topic


There are 2 important facts that can help a lot.

ADDRESS you sent you BTC from.
The AMOUNT of BTC or the number of coins bought.

Do you have either or a way to find out?

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That’s brilliant, thanks for reminding me about this - I remember checking it at the time and seeing my transaction on there. Alas, doesn’t provoke my memory - yet. But it definitely helps with the search! :smile:

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Hey @neo - unfortunately no. I have no idea what’s happened here, I’ve been good over the years with various cryptocurrencies (using combination of cold storage, paper wallets etc) but this one seems to have completely dropped out of my system! I’m not giving up hope yet - I’ll work out at the very least the address that I sent the BTC from - but I’m not feeling so optimistic about finding the private keys…

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Can always buy another BTC worth haha.
But good luck!