Can't log in to this site with Tor Fox because "Discourse" doesn't like it

Part of what is happening here may be Java but you get a loop on mobile tor fox log in. But then I noticed powered by Discourse. Does anyone have a positive opinion of Discourse. I noticed it in every sponsored media mag that didn’t want people responding to their shill articles. Discourse was always about theme being able to spy on you and watch you where ever you go.

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But it’s such a slick UI…

I just tried logging into the forum using Orbot:

It works fine. I would need to know more details about what software you used. You mention “Tor Fox” but I am not sure exactly what that is. Can you point me to a link?


Sorry its “OrFox” mobile, but I may also have trouble with the tor browser on mobile as well for logging into the site. But if you are able to long in then of it probably is just my stuff, which is good. And my jumping to conclusions which is not so good.

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I just tried with Orfox and it works fine. You just have to make sure to enable JavaScript for

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