Can you help recover MAID from openledger wallets

I know nothing about using openledger.
Unfortunately, if they are refusing to help, i doubt much can be done.

they offered MAID trading - no notification of closing
the MAID are not gone - so they refuse to send remaining balances is theft ?

any lawyer in here ?

Openledger Dex… if that’s BitShares related, then I wouldn’t be surprised they act like cowboys :no_mouth:
I steer clear then of EOS Steem etc, for having been burned in the past. Good luck.

thanks for reply so i thought dex would be more reliable than a centralized exchange
now i get this experiance what a mess

another thing happened right after

i send new btc to my bittrex MAID address :rage::rage::rage::rage:
i wanted send btc to bittrex btc to buy new maid

now bittrex say their crosschain policy is 1000$ fee lol i send 0.007 btc

i lost so much now i can sell my pants to buy MAID

or can i get them out somehow

If you don’t hold the private key, then you are trusting those who do. Exchanges that are not decentralised, are like traditional banks… a pool … a slush of alsorts and you can only ask nicely for them to do what you want.

in this context DEX … doesnt make sense right ?!
i hold the private key of MAID (bitshares)?

I dont believe you hold the private key to your maid.
I believe you sent them to an address ( to which someone else holds the private key) , along with your name, so they knew it was your deposit.

Your mistake with bittrex was unfortunate, but a fairly common experience.
Double and triple check addresses, i feel sure you will be more carefull next time.

Sorry for your loss.

OpenLedger popped a notice that MAID would be disabled due to no volume about 6 months ago and gave a 2 month warning. Crappy… looks like about 450k MAID frozen (‘owned’ now by openledger).

Bittrex, ouch. They should be able to fix it though, it is a BTC address, holding BTC. But, not holding out a ton of hope for you. Sorry :frowning:


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