Can we run cryptocurrency masternodes on Maidsafe?

Can we use Maidsafe as a server, VPS etc to run masternodes ?
I have heard one can build anything on top of Maidsafe but how about crypto currency masternodes and wallets ?
I and a few friends are interested in passive income and we have quite a few masternodes from home and on VPS.
Its challenging to run many wallets 24/7 at home. If Maidsafe solves this issue we turn over to Maidsafe.

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Those who know more can correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m thinking no, not master nodes, and not at first anyway.

Perhaps once distributed computing is implemented, but even then, not effectively.

Interactivity between SAFE and the client-server internet will require a bridge, such as a master node that can also run SAFE in order to interact with both network types.

Actually, the statement “you can build anything on SAFE” has to be considered in context. “Can you build a grass hut in Brooklyn?” The answer is hard to figure. “Maybe, but you’d lose the comforts of the city, AND the efficiencies the grass hut has in the jungle.” Better to buy a condo, I think.

Sorry, I don’t really mean to be cheeky. Client-server structure will still undoubtedly still have its uses for some time to come, maybe forever. But a lot of what we try to do with the model will be done a bit differently but more effiently on the SAFE Network once it is fully implemented and widely adopted.


At this time till compute is created, all applications run on your own computer so really you are running it on your computer and not SAFE. Now if you use SAFE storage for your crypto node then you will suffer terrible lags whenever accessing the blockchain you stored on SAFE storage.

Instead of a few milliseconds per disk access you are looking at hundreds (maybe 500-900) for each access. So as the node does database access (blockchain is a database) many disk accesses are done (5 to 100’s for each DB simple operation). So summing up the transactions for an address might take quite a number of these simple DB accesses.

For a local harddrive this might endup as 200mS or 800mS to do the tally, but for SAFE this could be many seconds. So if you are doing just a few address lookups then you get the idea.

If you only use it for a personal wallet then that time lag is not a problem, but for anything else it really makes the node uncompetitive. Cheaper and easier to have the node on your local harddrive since you are using the CPU anyhow be it a local node or an APP on SAFE.

Now the benefits is that you won’t have to reload the blockchain since its immutable so its never lost or corrupted. Just add the blocks to the chain.