Can we make a community network after testnet6?

If I understand correctly someone can make a network where people can join through a config that would be shared?

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I guess so, but it would fail quickly as the testnets have shown.


After the next testnet it would be possible as maidsafe is solving the hang issue!


If no other issues arise. We have had community-driven testnets before.


As active members and driving force we could make a community network to see how it will scale and provide with logs the team


Yes, but then there should be a way to differentiate it from the official testnets, so that nodes from community network do not interfere with the next testnet iteration. Maybe there is?

It would not interfere cause its another network config so seperate

From past posts the devteam wish to keep the test nets going as long as possible.

If a testnet is just to check some feature in the wild then it makes sense that the “as long as possible” is till they find out what they want. Otherwise they go as long as possible.

When we get to a major milestone (whatever one it is) then that network will remain for some time.

Also a community network is not sensible for many of the testnet code since it is not stable enough for one reason or the other. Be it dies too quick, features not fully implemented, lack of support from the devs.

@dreamerchris You need not worry we have run community networks in the past with many thanks to @tfa for initiating the last couple of them. And we will likely run more, unless the dev team keep the major release running for weeks/longer.

There is in the option/config file for each node