Can we keep MaidSafe forum apolitical plz?


One of the strength of the internet is that whatever your political views, you are free to express yourself. It is agnostic and neutral like no other mediums.

MaidSafe is just taking the same concept and create a space with even more freedom of speech and privacy.

If we really want MaidSafe to be embraced by the maximum amount of people, it has to be about decentralization, privacy and freedom. Those ideas are related to Natural Laws…not political parties.

I have seen a few trolls bashing the right or the left and it is really diluting the conversation and getting on my nerve…and I just joined a few days ago.

Is MaidSafe meant to be agnostic or bias for right or left views?


The idea that Natural Law is a political comes off as rubbish.

You just OP’d in the political part of the forum. To matters, its important to be positive but some of us aren’t of the opinion that commerce is the answer to everything.