Can we haz GitSafe plz?


At minimum, before we have a truely safe based repository system, I would like to be able to check the checksums from outside github when Maidsafe releases binaries and distribute these on Github. The checksums should be computed locally at Ayr, and could be published here on the forum, for instance. I have absolutely no trust in Microsoft, and would love to be able to make sure they don’t stuff nasty blobs in the files.


you can sign git tags (releases) (and commits) with an pgp key, and also “plain” files (released binaries).


zeronet and i2p I think have their own versions of github


indeed i2p has


Another IPFS based project here GX / Textile


Yet another example of the importance of SafeNet / Parsec. With SafeNet / Parsec, the idea of buying and selling sites will be in the past. Seeing as SafeNet sites will be stored / hosted within SafeNet itself by way of the vault system: once services are created and installed into SafeNet, they are there for as long as there are humans who let the Internet itself continue to exist.

With SafeNet people can of course branch off their own variations of things, but they can’t destroy the original. Man corporations are going to have a love-hate relationship with SafeNet. lol


I just noticed your late edit update by accident @happybeing - quoting in case others following this thread miss it as well.

Referring to the twitter thread - As the Safe Network is itself is “next gen” and at least a year or two off, it could be beneficial to adopt Pijul from the get go for Safe Network usage for all the advantages as outlined by @urrtag above/rebasing cannot take advantage of de-duplication. The Safe Network and Pijul could become synonymous, helping each project grow together. If the combination provides clear advantages for developers then it would cause positive feedback loop for both projects.

Git already has some very well established convenient (mostly centralised) options so we would be fighting the developer mind share war on others extremely well established turf. Expect Microsoft to begin the great “GitHub integration into everything” effort now with all the money and marketing power at their disposal. By adopting Pijul for the Safe Network it would be possible to change and up the game on the Safe Network’s terms blasting inroads into the developer mind share with a better DVCS on all counts running in the best and most secure decentralised network ever built (assuming Pijul is upto the task of course I can’t wait to get an opportunity to try it out).

Adopting new techniques is always going to be painful and resisted by some - I remember having to be dragged off SVN back in the day, but in this case it would be easier at the start of the Safe Network launch rather than hammering git sort-of into Safe Network then later realising Pijul is the way forward for a decentralised network and having to then deal with all the fragmentation that brings with it.


yeah IPFS is using GX for a while. I really dislike that you need to put the hash of the package in your code (also a reason why i hate go-lang, bc you need to put the url to dependencies inside each file which is using that dependency and change all files on updates, and also that there is no fukking versioning of packages in go, but at least gx is addressing this).


I would encourage you to actually use “Safe Network” instead of “SafeNet” since the latter is another project unto itself. Regulars here will use “Safe Network” and know what you mean, but please try to make it a clear distinction in your future wording.


So noted, thanks!!!


UPDATE: New Plan For SAFE Decentralised Git/Github

I have a new simpler plan, and we can use part of it right now, see:


You are a one man army Mark, hats off to you!


It isn’t just me :slight_smile: and room for everyone to help with this and SAFE Drive.


I am so eager to jump in there, outrageously short on time right now. I’ll jump in and be a distraction :blush: as soon as the dust settles.