Can we haz GitSafe plz?

I misinterpreted this then. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Indeed. Now, that being said, the main issue right now is that MS is buying github.

I will move the few code that I am culpript of, not sure where yet, and will close my GH account. First because I do not trust a single word from MS, and second to add my tiny drop to the contestation stream, for what it is worth. I will certainly not accept my tiny drop to be used to “opensourcewash” the company that deployed windows worldwide.

Now what really matters, is what will be Maidsafe’s position on this ? MS acquisition means they will host the SAFE code, with all future possible implications if they wish to change how they run Github.
Countless libraries and frameworks will now be under MS hands, including Electron and a huge amount of Rust crates and Node modules.
I suppose it is a bit early, and that it has to be a PR nightmare, but I would very much like to know what the plans are @maidsafe.

Also, what is your position if you are a non Maidsafe employee, Safe apps/ libraries developer ?


I support your decision but while I’m also unhappy with this, it doesn’t change much for me personally as I was already unhappy using github for precisely this reason.

So until there is an alternative that lets me contribute to SAFE Network at least as well, I’ll probably focus my efforts on advocating that alternative and helping SAFE Network become that alternative. That said, things are in flux right now, so my view may change.

For those reasons I hope @MaidSafe remain focused on getting SAFE done first, and then looking at this rather than letting it distract them. It poses no imminent threat - the deal will probably not be done until the end of the year (according to Microsoft) so little can change until then at least.


Yes, I also think this is the best thing to do. Migrating to another platform would take time and ressources and could delay launch.
On the other hand, maybe it would be a good time for projects like Maidsafe to prepare an emergency exit by cloning their code on another platform, or their own, so that if things really become bad at some point, they are not taken in panic at last moment.

Hopefully it will not be necessary and the code self hosts on the Safe network :slight_smile:

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Read this. Already done


thank you, I had missed this one.

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Lets be realistic here guys, its not the end of the world that MS will own Github in the near future. You will probably see some annoying ads or Clippy asking you about your git push request :slight_smile:


But I do like the idea this thread has sparked as I had not thought of that. A decentralized Github implementation on SAFE as well as a decentralized SVN implementation on SAFE would be very valuable. Personally I would like to see MaidSafe attempt at tackling some of the first to market bigger apps on their network mainly because I want them to have a few 4-5 very big coin income pipelines so they can continue to attract/hire developers to work on the network/projects.


I also don’t see anything to fear in the short term. The move by Microsoft is almost certainly designed to take the fight to AWS which has generally been more attractive to developers than Azure, to boost Visual Studio and to polish their open source credentials. Developers have a lot of power these days and Microsoft know that.

Long term it’s probably worth looking for alternatives though as they will doubtless try to monetise their expensive purchase in all the usual ways and it’s always good to avoid being locked in.


git-ssb looks nice (git on secure scuttlebutt):

I like this approach for two reasons:

  • serverless/decentralised, secure, works now
  • the scuttlebutt ‘log’ based approach could be easily adapted for SAFE Network

Nice article:

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That looks great ! I had never heard of them before. I also like that they use petnames. Will definetely give a try .

Indeed, this looks like a great model to inspire from, like Solid.

Edit : working :

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BTW I had forgotten about this:

@Jimmy_HUGUET are you there? Be nice to see this on alpha2!


I am still here, I haven’t touched the code of this project in a while but it was working last time I checked and the code is still available on the link provided if you want to try it


It will need updating first, because the network you used was pre-alpha2. I may try something similar in Nodejs, but not planning to get back into C++ myself. Currently looking for shortcuts :slight_smile:

Similar Project that could perhaps be ported over. - GitTorrent


I’ve now got scuttlebutt git (git-ssb) working and have pushed a repo! :slight_smile:

You can see it here:
via web:

scuttlebutt ID: %25oaVPNcXmxQ0jb0%2B5jLDMW7q9U%2B%2Fq5G8YmYqc49I4Z0g%3D.sha256

So @nice and I now both have decentralised git repos working via Scuttlebut!


keybase did launch an encrypted git some time ago - the challenges are probably exactly the same as with git on safe (because it needs to be purely client side encrypted and everything) - hmhmmm - but seems like it’s written in go


GitPub - a federated git based on ActivityPub (the SoLiD team are well into this, Dokieli for example):

More on ActivityPub:

W3c ActivityPub Spec: ActivityPub

According to Solid chat today ActivityPub has been getting a lot of adoption. This might make it interesting for SAFE projects like Decorum or for general compatibility between the Standard Web and SAFEnetwork, although I’m not sure such a Federated based approach maps well to SAFE. Having said that, yesterday I was thinking that the ssb-git (which is federated, ie git over secure scuttlebutt) could map really nicely to SAFEnetwork for a SAFE-Git, so these approaches are worth looking into, or a topic to discuss with Tim at some point. cc @Viv @krishna

Both @nice and I have been playing with ssb-git and Scuttlebutt apps with some success:


i kinda do dislike ssb. i think it has the same issues as blockchains in regard to scalability. It’s ok if you have your own pub and thus only see a slice of the “world” but if you try to download the whole “world” then you’re lost.

Come on SAFE’ers this Solid chaps are off…