Can we have some sort of ETA?


Here you have the roadmap:

With the coming Alpha 2 release you will see some very cool applications running on the Safenetwork that can be used on your desktop or smartphone. :grinning:


This is the time for a pool. Everyone ante’s up, picks a date on the calendar, pool closes and we wait. Closest guess gets the lot.

Putting a roadmap out is great. Guessing timescales on a roadmap is like investor relations with publicly traded stocks. People get vested in the dates, upset if forecasts are missed, people take shortcuts to make deadlines - there’s really a massive downside and very little upside to something that is first and massive. Anyone can guess how long to make a loaf of toast - they’ve made toast before!

By the way, where is there information on funding rounds, burn rate and projected burn to 0 budget forecasts, next round of funding plans - etc, etc?


Last we heard about burn rate it was around the £70k per month mark as I remember. The team is bigger now, but they raised a load of BTC in the bnktothefuture round and that has skyrocketed in value. Plus I remember them mentioning diversifying their assets a little after that round. I don’t think any of us know exactly how big the coffers are the moment, but the last time David mentioned it he said he thought we ought to be able to make it to launch on the current budget. They’ve been adding staff so they must have at least 12-24 months of projected burn they can cover I reckon.

I think Maidsafe got used to being rather frugal, being Scots it probably came naturally :wink: I’d imagine they feel more comfortable now about money than they have done for a long time. They have access to 8 figures of MAID which is now worth a pretty penny too. Although they’ll have to repay those to the foundation as SAFEcoin so I guess they will only spend those as and when they really need to.

I think the recent crypto boom has given most projects a real boost. Certainly any that kept their money in crypto have seen crazy jumps in the size of their war chests.

Sorry I can’t give you any more detail or links, I had a quick scan/search but couldn’t find the references I remember reading and I don’t have the time to dig.


There’s some info around about funding rounds spread across various sites, not sure how accurate it is though. We raised funds initially through many private investors, followed by a crowd sale and another equity round through BnkToTheFuture. We’re a private company so we don’t really want to get into publishing information that maybe useful and disadvantage us with competitors, prospective investment/commercial partners. I hope you understand. So without being specific, @Jabba has a good general feeling for things in his post, we have a decent and comfortable funding runway.


Thanks Nick and @Jabba - good stuff.