Can we have some sort of ETA?

Am I the only a bit frustrated from the lack of ETA for a working product? I participated on the crowdsale and Ive been patient all these years because, in fact, progress is made every week. Seems, however, that dev team always knew it would take at least 3-4 years to show “something”. Pleass cant you just give an ETA, even knowing you can be wrong? Ill surely wait more, but couldnt you say how many months or years to have the network running in your opinion? @dirvine


I would love to know myself, but what do you feel a wrong estimate would achieve ?

I feel your frustration, I think it would be hard to not, but we are solving a big problem. The team work very hard and release as much as we know weekly. There is zero chance we knew it would be 3 + years to launch, however we do try and give the info we have as best we can, but never with timescales as that leads to heartache all round, especially for the devs who get deflated immensely. It’s not easy, but it’s not something to shy away from, no matter the pain.

Sorry I cannot offer more.


It takes as long as it takes. This is all new tech and it’s done in new ways quite often. I would probably be equally as frustrated but I do see progress every week. If development took a right turn out of the blue or progress was at a standstill, then I would be a bit deflated but when it comes to solving problems the maidsafe team has always steered the ship on course. Granted I haven’t been around since before the crowdsale but this project is doing it right not releasing something that is ultimately unscalable or temporary for others to build upon. There is a reason it’s taking so long, it’s a small but devoted team with limited funds, reengineering the Internet the right way.


Many here share your frustrations but have learned to accept that it will be, when it will be. There is a great consolation prize in the appreciated asset of MaidSafecoin and you can thank @dirvine and the team for that. Meanwhile, we can all offer our thoughts on when this may come to fruition.

My thoughts are a year, minimum.

Btw, that is a very nice post. Most who want to ring David’s bell do it in a far less professional way.


Depends what you mean by a working product.

If you mean another functioning network with Apps being tested on it and new features being added regularly then not long at all I’d say. Weeks probably. If you’re talking a fully functioning bells and whistles network post conversion from testsafecoin and MAID to real SAFEcoins then I’d say yeah, probably another year :confused:

There’s a hell of a lot of exciting stuff on the way to the goal though. Testsafecoin will be HUGE news, as will the Apps that appear on testnets. SAFE is so big, the final product would be a game changer for ‘data’. The closer we get to that reality the more exciting it will get and we get closer every day. Who knows, maybe we’ll get lucky and it will all be quicker than my [very vague] guesses (I’m not techy enough to have any credibility really). I think things will get exciting long before that final conversion moment though.


This whole maidsafe thing is thrilling.
Everyone who cares about this project would love an answer to your question, and it is exciting to hear it asked. What if, out of the blue, we received an answer saying it’s ready? Imagine that!

However, I’d like to say to the devs - DO NOT GET DEFLATED! What you’re working on is fantastical.

From Wikipedia, about the painting of the Sistine Chapel:

Michelangelo was intimidated by the scale of the commission.

That was some paintings which are quite nice, and they took a long time.

Your art should be expected to take ages too! It’s awesome!


Maidsafe operates on Valve Time.


Great point. I am excited about this project but I am not in a rush. Take your time and do it right.


I would expect a live network to be operational at least in 1.5 years, there won’t be surprise announcement any time soon, as someone who also invested in ICO, I know it’s a tough project. What really worries me more is that again, Maidsafe probably will need to raise fund before network operational, the last 2m fund raise, could only afford around 1 year run-time.

With the gains made on other cryptos thanks to the current bubble, supporters of this project will fund another round when it’s needed.

Problem is what if money is needed when the bubble bursts ?

When you look how much storj has risen last week, compared to the BTTF round, you really understand it is all about timing and marketing.


The rise in the value of may mean that the funds also stretch further, perhaps a lot further, depending on how quickly the crypto raised has been converted to fiat.


i would have hoped cashouting out maidsafe earlier and put into SIA honestly, maidsafe’s momentum is still 2-year away, why investors need to stick around and capital has its own cost.

Have you tried to download the SIA wallet, seriously ?

It is already sluggish. What in a year or 2 ?
I simply don’t believe in decentralized storage through the blockchain.
Of course, SIA is the place to be for speculating right now, but not for investing.
Sia is already doomed mid term, in my opinion.


We should poll the devs on a rolling basis and anonymously. That would be some good governance and raise red flags to the community if something starts to go seriously wrong.

This way we would have a continuous guesstimate of when we should expect delivery and anyone could adapt/shift their expectations.

Let’s poll the devs as regards to when datachain will be complete, when vaults from home will be done, when safecoin will be implemented… Give them brackets to choose from.

Publish the poll every Monday morning (monday morning sucks anyway). Anyone has a good name for this recurring thread/poll ?

@dirvine don’t you think it is a good idea and easy to implement ? David, would you be willing to accept this level of transparency ?

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Bad idea. Not only that, but it’s a very bad idea.



I doubt the value of MAID would remain the same for 1.5 years though. As Alpha 2, beta, testsafecoins etc are released the developer pool of funds might substantially increase giving more time. Not guaranteed ofc so there might well be another round of funding.



That’s the third best thing I’ve seen today (and today’s been the fifth best day in my life)! :heart_eyes:

(All I really mean is I like that)

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Understandable, but surely having worked on the project so intimately, you might have an idea of how many features are left? I think a generalized roadmap of major features which need to be completed before launch would be VERY helpful in helping the community understand just how close, or far, the project is to the ‘finish line’.
Anyway, I think that as investors on the outside looking in at the coredev team, it would put many of us to ease :slight_smile:

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