Can we get a header with links on this forum?

As this site acts as somewhat of a landing page for the SAFE community, would it not make sense to have links in the header to various arms of the projects? Things like related podcasts, maidsafe site, developer links, app sites, wiki links would be particularly useful I think.


Check out :grinning:


Great source of links to put in the header of this forum for sure.

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Agreed, @frabunelle has something like that coming down the road I believe.

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Cool. Gotta get on it soon though I reckon… couldn’t take more than a couple hours to get to some sort of first iteration I’d have thought @frabrunelle? If you/anyone needs any help doing this I’d be happy to pitch in btw.

Maybe just one link and that is to

That way the links only need to be maintained in one place.

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holy carp that site gets more beautiful every day!!

you guys really should consider just using this as the new site!!

It sure is a great site with a huge amount of information. Great job @frabrunelle!


Yes I am planing to add a header :smile:

I’ve made some plans just now but I have a few tasks I want to prioritize before actually getting this done. I can’t give an exact date but I will aim to do it within the next month.

I’ll do some tests on a development instance of Discourse (running on localhost) and when I am happy with the design I will present it here :smiley:



I made an example of what the navbar could look like it. You can see it by looking at the following preview (open the link in a new tab).

Let me know what you think!

it’s cool but i think it takes away from the simplicity of this forum, please don’t add it.

at least, that’s my vote

I like it and think it adds to the forum, information is made easily accessible. Maybe it will promote chat too.

At the same time I can understand how it could be distracting for regular members. The navbar disappears when scrolled down which is cool, the black is possibly a bit harsh and could be toned down.

I myself am undecided, I think for newcomers it is great, for regulars perhaps visually annoying. Maybe if users could turn it off in their preferences?

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I like it in some way as well. But only for people that aren’t logged in?? Or with an option to click it away? I wouldn’t like it if it was visible all the time.

Looks great @frabrunelle :slight_smile: For sure a benefit to the forum, especially those arriving here for the first time. It can be a bit of a mess sometimes and hard to get a grasp of what this really is I think if there’s not a clear path people can follow for the basics. FWIW my vote is get it live & get community feedback. Can’t see any downsides really.

I just enabled the navbar! It will only show up for logged out users. And the background is now light grey instead of black.

Thanks for your feedback!