Can we change the links in the header?

It would be great if the Downloads link could point to the latest version of the Beaker (or Peruse) browser on Github on the releases page, and we could have an extra link in the header for the Maidsafe website. At the moment it’s a bit confusion, the expectation is that clicking Downloads shows you a list of downloadable things.


The homepage shows a list of downloadable things (SAFE Browser and the example apps), so that’s why it can be considered to be a “Downloads” link. I’m not sure why it’s not showing the latest version of the SAFE Browser, I’ll try to see if we can update it.

Do you think it would be clearer if we link to this page instead?


That would be immeasurably more valuable for people, in my opinion. (it will also hopefully fix people asking why they can’t create an account / what trust level 1 is, etc)


Thanks for your feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

I just updated the Downloads link to point to instead of

If anyone thinks it’s better to link to instead, please let me know.


I suggest reviewing with Maidsafe when the new website is launched - hopefully they will be addressing this and other issues then.

BTW I noticed the other day that goes to a Rust create which isn’t very helpful IMO.

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