Can the Safe Network community be fairly described as a Social movement?


I was just pondering this question and it’s implications after reading a few related comments about Politics, missions, goals etc. I understand the network itself must be apolitical, but was thinking more about the community and the Foundation. Growing the community with a clear mission to support the Foundation’s (community agreed) goals to my mind (once the network is seeded) is more fundamental than looking at “giveaway” methods of attracting more users to the network.
I think people respond to being part of a “cause” or new social movement and that this will in turn attract more users due to the “feel good factor”. My personal opinion is that it is what we do as a community and Foundation that will create the necessary reputation for greater network adoption. I think that providing resources to aid third world education is a mission I could get behind – as well as Secure access for everyone.

Just deleted a badly written link with factual inaccuracies.


I am with you on that one.