Can someone help me keep all the SAFE improvements straight?

I’m at the point I’m quite lost as to what to celebrate and/or study with the advent of each SAFE update. There are so many new branches of development. There’s Peruse, the SAFE Browser, SAFE Web Playground thing, the core apps, the vaults, app development… I’m sorry I’m getting quite lost as to what is coming out when, who is developing what, what is written in what, what does what, where to find what documentation and so on. Is there like a glossary or something I’m missing? Also I believe Maidsafe hired someone to help with app development and develop the APIs and documentation and such. What ever happened to the idea of developing the SAFE Academy and so on? I mean this is all awesome work it just all seems rather convoluted.


I believe a Wiki is what we need.

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Don’t we already have one of those somewhere? If so doesn’t that just mean a whole lot of data entry and updating?

Hi all. We’ve got some exciting updates to discuss at DevCon in and around this area so I’m going to close the topic off. Cheers, David.