Can someone give me a summary of what's new?

I haven’t been following this community for years, probably 5-6 years since I last looked regularly. I can’t believe it’s been so long. I’m surprised this is even still running and I’ve got so many questions!
What’s the current status of the project?
How much progress has there been?
How are people still able to afford working on this?
How long until this is going live?
Is there a final decision on whether data will stay permanently or whether it’ll be deleted eventually if there’s no payment?
Are there any new aspects to it that I wouldn’t be aware of since 6 years ago?


See todays update

lots and lots

Shrewd investment in previous years

How long is your local bit of string? But getting much closer.

yes Pay once, read always

Many many new things. Read the updates. Updates - Safe Network Forum


Thanks for the quick response. I’m not super technical, so a lot of the details are going over my head. I think there used to be a roadmap of some sort. Does that still exist? Is it being updated? I’d love to just see how much has been accomplished vs. how much is left before it can go live.


I think things were moving so fast it kinda got left by the wayside. My quick oversimplified take on it is a few months back the team had a fairly solid but quite complicated logical solution to previously “impossible” problems. Then work by another project - libp2p was noticed and it was realised that this could be used by us to drastically simplify a lot of the logic. The key thing here is the use of DBCs Digital Bearer Certificates. However that solution does not quite deliver the performance we will require, so it is being rewritten now. If this is completed within weeks rather than several months then we should be a LOT closer to release.
As ever the last 20% takes 80% of the time. Well we are at the last 20% of the last 20% of the last 20% before that. David did a post a few weeks back that explained that almost everything is now in place. Others may argue about the exact meaning of “almost”.
However the increased frequency and resilience of testnets is very encouraging.
There is a lot to get excited about - buy MAID or eMAID now - its dead cheap.


That sounds exciting. I can’t believe I’m still looking at this after all this time. What’s the difference between MAID and eMAID?


MAID is the original coin on the Omni blockchain, eMAID is on the ERC20 ecosystem.
Both will be exchanged 1:1 for SNT SAFE Network Token at official launch.