Can someone give me a good elevator pitch for the safe network?

If anyone can give me a good elevator pitch for the safe network, I will post it on my stackoverflow request for safenetwork tag and give you credit for it.


Here is something I wrote earlier this week, it’s purpose is to be as basic as possible to attract attention and give focus to the purpose of the project. This maybe just a seed for something that maybe changed or added. But I post this anyway and let @dirvine, the dev team, marketing team and community give it thumbs up, discard or change it before it maybe can get posted in other places. This is just a draft and not a finished text. :grinning:

Main mission

Maidsafe main mission is to create a decentralized data network that allows people freedom of expression, share and store content in a private and secure way without being censored, surveiled or personal information being stolen, or collected without consent.

Basic technical mission

Maidsafe is developing a peer-to-peer decentralized internet with a high focus on

security and privacy, giving users full controll of their personal data.


This one wasn’t bad.


Yep second that, great write up here

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Thanks guys!

I have edited the stackoverflow request to include the elevator pitch.

Credit goes to:


Very nice @folaht, I have upvoted and starred.


For future reference there is also this thread:

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