Can some one sell me some coins 700K


Can some one sell me some coins … gave a buy orders of 700K maidsafe , no sellers

165 964 maid 144 574 maid 0.00002301 btc
734 016 maid 568 052 maid 0.00002300 btc


There are sellers, you just need to pay more


I dont not want to make the price unstable , planning to buy 2 million once this order goes through




I personally bought the price up to .00003 when i bought in. it will correct. I think it’s more you don’t want to pay the price to just buy 2m. Throw up a buy order and wait. There are plenty of people with that kind of coin that can fill you if they know you are willing to buy that much. Someone dumped almost that much earlier this week.

For long term players like me, any price now is a bargain. I got a few less coin than I wanted, but I believe in the future I won’t care.


Perhaps you’re confused, or perhaps your playing the pump and dump game on masterexchange. FYI…that was my order at .00002301…and it got filled.


I moved mine to
652 935 maid .00002001 btc


I would take this to heart in this post :wink:


I thought the 500k maid order was a fake wall placed by the guy at masterxchange. It’s rent time, and he sure as heck isn’t making a living off trades and withdraws. Even worse, the guy got paid MSC to put maidsafe on the exchange. You can see his liquidity options are almost nil.

FWIW, I decided to place my order directly above the 500k wall. Magically, all orders higher than mine disappeared in the blink of an eye, and my order got filled.

I guess the lesson is not to pay the asking price for a while :slight_smile:


Is it just me who find it extremely interesting to follow the daily trade of Maidsafe coins


Yeah I think its just you :smile: ha ha. Ooh well every so often I do actually check out of curiosity…