Can SAFE save India from Face Book's "Free Basics"?

Dr. Vandana Shiva is a very interesting person, and quite an effective speaker. I think she would love SAFE.


Then why don’t you or better yet someone like @nicklambert on the dev team send her a message and tell her about it?

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Its a good idea. I am a bit intimidated. I wouldn’t want to act like a groupie.

Welcome to marketing. How about posting your pitch here for critiquing before you send it?

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I completely don’t understand the fear and outrage over Free Basics.
If people want to pay for internet they can. If they want to get limited free internet via Facebook they can.

The article seems to say that currently people in rural areas are paying for internet, but if they want to only use Facebook’s free service, why in the world is the government forbidding it…I must be missing something…

It seems like they are demanding unlimited free internet or no free internet…I’m always grateful for free stuff…lol!

Now the “cost” of the free internet of giving all your data over to Facebook is a whole different thread and that DOES suck, but again, I should have the choice to do so or not instead of have the government decide what is best for me…


I see your logic but to me it is one sided, since if your only choice to get internet is to go with facebook, you’re effectively forced to let facebook control what you can access, and do what it likes with your data.

I’d rather see facebook pressured to give up control, and if it really is just trying to help people, fund this but ensure it is independent. Just giving in to their corporate power and wealth is even worse than government - at least there’s a chance for people to influence the government.

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This just highlighs he need for SAFE. If people can create independent decentralized mesh networks they won’t have to depend on either government or big corporations. At the end of the day it’s about giving people more options and flexibility.

Well it’s all about attention control - governments everywhere prefer to keep the taxpayer on a tight leash.
As you say FB isn’t much better, but it is a bit better than any government because they will always have some competition, whether it’s Safe or Google or whoever.

Vadana makes a point about climate security and Syria:

Two terms potential memes/buzz words seem to huge potential right now. One is “climate security,” the other is “puppet media.” How can we regain climate security when we have puppet media?