Can Safe Network become the Green alternative to Bitcoin?

Simply not the case about EVs and him not working to reduce fossil fuel use in every practical way until full elimination. And by the way fk fossil fuels. And as for the pandemic… the factory shut but then was being kept shut longer than other local campanies and longer than other auto factories to try to kill the company on behalf fossil fuels. And as for the vacine nonsense all you have to do is look at the last 3 decades of public policy in Japan on vaccines and at almost all of the rest of the world save for France and the US. There has been no consensus that its good tech in recent decade quite the opposite. But also can’t gurantee the tech won’t improve. They don’t need to be injecting though should be oral.

Anyone who goes out of their way to invest in fossil fuels needs to seriously question their own intelligence and integrity. Even if climate chsnge weren’t real we’d have to be snuffing it out as fast as humanly possible just based on its idiot politics and economics- its super dumb right down into its property model and its inbred ‘asset’ holders.

I think the writing is on the wall for fossil fuels. A trillion dollar green industry is rising fast. Money talks louder than politics, or whatever people have for opinions. People love new tech, even rednecks love it, so the tech will win, before partisan politics can stop it.

Its the entropy of economics.

On top of this, is what is called, climate risk, which is now part of many Wall Street offerings. Fossil fuels are part of this liability. A lot of investors are running away from anything that has it. Some oil and gas companies are still highly profitable, but their stocks are struggling because of it.

The Industry itself said fossil fuels have already peaked in 2019, which is years before previous forecasts.

So it no longer matters if people believe in climate change or not, because It is a new, unavoidable economic reality. China and some Scandinavian countries understand this, and China is building electric cars and planting billions of trees. Europe is jumping on board too.

North America is late to the game. My prediction is that the first economic zone that goes fully green first, will become the next world super power, at least thats what Dr. Evil says :blush:. Those who stay addicted to oil are going the way of the dinosaurs.


We just need that Quatum drive or cold fusion engine.

We definitely need something better than electricity or at the very least much better battery technology!

Sometimes feels like we are still in the dark ages when it comes to certain types of advances.


I don’t believe any of the fossil fuel companies are profitable going back 70 years its all been subsidy based and worse and worse decade after decades with constant bailouts. If you ask about Saudi Arabia, I don’t know what say except they tried to sell off their oil assets a few years ago. As for why the FF industry has been subsidy based and austerity inducing- I think it has to do with it being a lean logistical proposition physically and hence economically lean and yet not sure its supply is practically limited so not sure why scaling never over came it being a lean proposition always on the edge constantly socializing losses countless ways.