Can SAFE make most downloads a thing of the past?

Normally on the web, if you want some file, there’s no other options than to download it.

With SAFE however, you could have a SAFE drive mounted to your computer and instead of downloading a file you could put it in a virtual folder in your SAFE drive. It wouldn’t be on your local computer, but it would look that way to you. This would also make “downloads” much faster. A folder with hundreds of gigabytes of files could be transfered to your own SAFE drive in seconds since it doesn’t involve moving any actual files, just pointers to files. With immutable files that can’t be deleted, you won’t have to worry about the files disappearing either.

Sometimes you want to be able to access files offline. For those cases there could be an app or an extension to File Explorer or whatever where you can click and a file and choose make available offline and the file will be downloaded to a location on your local drive in addition.

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