Can not JOIN to SAFE network


OK you make a couple of good points. I think most of us will thole the lack of a working network for a short period. I fully expect some sort of network back up within days. If it goes past the Thursday update without a new or slightly reheated with known bugs network, then we might have something to moan about.
But I have complete faith, based on how this project has been handled in the past that we will have NOTHING to complain about.
And I am equally certain that the guys in Troon know this fine and will have something very soon for us to play with, whether with the recent bug fixes or not.
Im guessing Tuesday 1400GMT if anyone is running a sweep on “When will we have a network to deveop on”


Tuesday 16:00 GMT for me :wink:

We’d have to get a bit unlucky with testing on Monday for it not to happen on Tuesday by the sounds of what was said last week.


Where is @bluebird we need to put up our own community testnet, if possible :stuck_out_tongue:


We had one running after test 12b for a while. And I expect that after test 15 we will have one running again.


No disrespect to @Bluebird, but we dont need him.
All that is needed is for a bunch of you with suitably capable bandwidth to agree to do it, decide which client and vault software we are using, agree a network name and share some seed IPs to generate a vault.config file.
Then nominate one person to fire up their vault with the -first flag (or was it -seed?) Its in the docs anyway. Ten the first few of you join in. But not all at once…
It wont be me and I wont be playing cos I am totally snowed under with the Real Job. I’d love to get tore in but realistically, its not going to happen.
Have fun :slight_smile: and all the best.
We did this before, Im sure you can manage it again.


Ill wager a MAID on Today! :fireworks:
(Last of the big spenders)


Since we are not the guys who love well-known ways, we were expecting some unexpected behaviour and have switched to ipfs as not safe, but still working realization of somewhat same API. This stop gap was miserable compared to other ones, btw we even won a bit of goodies :joy: Stay strong Maidsafe!