Can not JOIN to SAFE network

Greetings from Latvia!
I trying to connect to safe network thru launcher, but I can not. Why?
There is an error like - Could not connect to the SAFE Network.


There is no test network currently running. Test network 15 should be launched any time now, but until then you’ll have to wait.


The network was taken down this week ready for a new one: testnet 15

The be network will probably be announced in the Development Update tomorrow evening (usually around 20:00 GMT).

Sorry for the inconvenience! You will need to download new software which will be announced with Testnet 15.


OH, Thank you…
My worries are gone.


Hi, I am new here, this is my first post. I am a little confused because safe network is “Decentralised Network”. Then if it is a “Decentralised Network”, how it is posible to someone to shut down the network, I ask that because I already use another Decentralised Network for years and nobody can`t shutdown the network. I mean to say, this is not Decentralised Network when somebody can press a button and all network is shut down, because this means somewhere it is a server, a central server. In a Decentralised Network nobody can shut down a network because i not exist central server, or any servers, in a Decentralised Network you connect to a peer this peer connect to another peer and so on.
So…maidsafe it is a Centralized Network or Decentralised Network?


These are just test networks, maidsafe hosts a lot of the nodes and the rest are run by community members from this forum, when the test is over every one shuts down their nodes, if people kept their nodes running then the network would stay up.


Apologies if you have been using the downloads on the website, these are out of date and the page will be updated tomorrow, and just to confirm not with Alpha 2 downloads :), just a holding banner in anticipation of Alpha 2.


BREAKING: Testnet 15 launches Thursday!!!



Spoilers man, :frowning:




Dang it, more wrong than Trump. How embarrassing is that!? :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:


So, any news when the network will be up again?

From the latest Dev update:

So, sounds like next week if all goes well with the testing.


Hi there! Excuse me for demanding, but currently I’m being on Blockchain-friendly hackathon and our team needs MaidSafe for making some crazy stuff. Therefore I’m extremely need a connection to SAFE network right now which doesn’t work for me now. Is there any way to connect the network ASAP?

My OS is Win7 x64 if this matter.

I’m sorry, but there is no network up at the moment.


Thank you for the answer, at least I understood that the problem is not on my side. :cold_sweat:


So sad. This could’ve been handled better. I hope this never happens again to anyone trying to develop for the safe network. A stop gap could have been in place for this person and his team. :pensive:

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How so?

It is alpha 1 going to alpha 2

I doubt we can expect anything better. You can blame serious bugs for the gap between alphas. And without recoverable data, then every time the alpha 1 network died and restarted the network would come back up and app developers & users have to restart loading data/accounts again. Maidsafe understandably decided against restarting and using up their resources to keep restarting a bugged alpha 1 and using their resources elsewhere.

Also mock crust/routing can help as a stop-gap

Good news is that as we go through the alpha stages this should not happen as much. And when data republish is implemented the data won’t be lost either. One cannot expect a network to be constantly running until beta (my opinion/experience)


Terse but true
Alpha means alpha © TM <— @happybeing’s favourite person :slight_smile:


The droplets are idle and alpha 1 was fairly stable. It could’ve been restarted and left to run if only to show others that a remote network is indeed running. The Maidsafe download page is now without anything to offer but a promise of future binaries. For these testers and programmers real network feedback could be more satisfying than mock even if some changes to the API are incoming. I’m thinking of the morale of those standing in wait. The psychology of this entire experience is an important factor to consider for community growth.

I agree and expect this. I personally would try to prevent any downtime at all. I don’t want to lose any potential hard hitters in app development even if I find their impatience and their inclination for rapid dismissal off putting. The sooner we have those killer apps the better!!! :laughing: