Can maidsafe be greater than any coin allt out there?

As I perceive it, madesafe is creating a whole digitall universe that anything can be achieved… All that Ethereum, DAO stuff could be much better here, Even that Urbit thing could be belittled by Maidsafe…What do you guys think ?? Is it just a matter of programing?


A platform & protocol that offers one or more significant advantages others don’t ,
may be large & attractive enough in its vision to accommodate many of the others ,
over time , gaining ground & outgrow previously concurrent or fractional ones .

Think big , think bigger , think SAFE :ant:


If SAFEnetwork does what it says on the tin then I find it hard to imagine anything more disruptive. Certainly no other alt coin I’ve heard of is as ambitious in scope and potential as SAFE. SAFE is so much more than the means of exchange, or smart contracts. If it works it’s a game changer in soooo many ways.

I’m totally biased though, SAFE is too amazing a vision not to be realised imo. If it is realised then everything starts to move more in the right direction (decentralised etc). Like many here I’m too emotionally invested to be taken seriously though… although we’ll all look like genius’ when the world catches up I hope :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


If the team fulfills the features promised, then at least the project will form the basis of what will actually disrupt the world. However, as is, the economics of safecoin and farming don’t give me the feel goods even without factoring in the completely unneeded AI based safecoin allocation stuff, and maidsafe with faulty safecoin economics is just a freetarded upgrade of bittorrent. If they fix the safecoin aspect, then safenet could here an interesting future.

@neverending_manga What’s freetarded about safecoin incentivizing people to provide and spend on resources?


Yes, I never understood some people’s resistance to that. It’s open source after all, and changes can always be made where needed, to the economics of the coin payouts.

Tweaks can be made, and each tweak brings us much closer to the fairest and most efficient (read productive) society possible


If safecoin’s implementation is bad, or is considered bad in the eyes of the farmers, like if a safecoin always got you too many GBs due to the AI crapping out, safecoin will have zero value, making safenet effectively a free network.

IIRC, maidsafe wants to make itself irrelevant in the matters of safenet, which would suggest that changes to the code would have to be consensus-based, thus making anything not a security update a nightmare to change.


I agree with you and I’m sure David spending close to a decade would also likely agree so there will probably a lot of emphasis on that.


I would think that competing networks, each run by a focused group with its own set of values, would be most efficient. So each coin has a different value and people choose where to put their apps / data etc. More like altcoins instead of making changes to BTC (which yes, has proven to be a nightmare)

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If we put aside Killer APPS (including Safecoin)… the SAFE Network must achieve 3 things for mass adoption.

1.Strong Data Security. I think we have this one locked down with self encryption.

2. Fast Data Delivery. Still working on more efficient routing. This one needs improvement regarding large files.

3. Competitive Storage Costs. Safecoin rewards attract more farmers. Abundant storage increases PUTS per coin. See this post for a detailed discussion on storage costs.

Killer APPS help the Network economy. They encourage more PUTS/GETS which cause more recycling/farming attempts.

TL;DR, I think Safecoin has the “potential” to be greater than any alt coin out there.


Even non-“alt” coins (Bitcoin) :slight_smile:


The main selling points of safe i see in order of improtance over anything else out there:

  1. A near-instant blockchainless cryptocoin
  2. Fast anonymous distributed data storage and hosting

That is the cypto, if they can create this design to be resistant to attack and with sound monetary policy (as opposed to bitcoin rapidly decreasing pre-programmed coin supply), is 10x more revolutionary than a distributed storage network which imo is just another form of zeronet/freenet.

While i understand why they are focusing on the network first, a near-instant cryptocoin with what i assume to be unlimited tps is something that could rival the likes of visa. Of course even then i dont predict it will ever really compete with visa as there is no consumer protection with cryptos and its always been hard to use, but it will certainly overtake bitcoin and make the cypto economy more fluid.

I think if safenet only supports coloured safecoin for assets/tokens/alts and not has ability to create alt-coins as seen in bitcoin land so market cap doesn’t divide in alt markets which drain the money out of the system while their actually still on the system… :slight_smile: