Can key and secret be updated?

Can key and secret be updated after you have created an account?


Right now there is no implemented user interface to do this that I know of. I do not know if the internals of the network are able to allow it.
It would be an essential feature, specially in the case of a compromized key / secret .
Interested to hear what the staff @maidsafe say about it !


In worst case: You can copy your data maps to new account with new key. Then: Delete them from old account.

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Can’t change, since the combination points to a certain place on the network, just like a certain brainwallet password creates a specific private key on the blockchain. Can’t change that. How these decentralized encryption systems work

But yeah you can make a new account and copy data to that.


Or an account inside another account - so if you want to change accounts you can delete the redirect from the old one - weak point here is that if someone else gains full access to your account he can do it too without you being able to stop him…