Can I use the photos of MaidSafe team members?

Hi, my name is Jinho. Thank you for having interest in this post.

I am promoting MaidSafe in South Korea and it makes me take pride in myself to contribute my time on this great vision for the better network. While making some promotional contents, I get to think that I need approval to use the photos of MaidSafe team members on
People who want to know MaidSafe further in Korea have asked me some information of the MaidSafe team members. To give them more credible information, I would like to make use of the photos on the webpage.

Is it possible to use the photos of MaidSafe team members on the web page? I have no idea where I can get their clearance. Should I contact the people one by one?


I’ll ping @nicklambert here (using he “@”) for you since he can answer such questions. Without pinging him it might not get noticed by him or David.


Hi @Jinho_Jang and thanks @neo.

It should be fine but it does depend on what additional information you will include and how they are going to be used?
Many thanks.



Hi @nicklambert,

I’ve just translated all English text on into Korean briefly. It includes the company introduction and our goals.

Also, The contents will be refined as a Facebook posting to introduce MaidSafe on our facebook page.
( You can run through what I have done so far on the Facebook page. I am planning to use the photos on one slide with a sentence of ‘MaidSafe is a small team, comprised of: thinkers, inventors, tinkerers, PHDs, engineers and designers.’ as written in the web page.

Thank you


Thanks @Jinho_Jang I like what you have done on the page, not a FB user myself, and my Korean is non existent, but it looks pretty active. Fine for you to re use images and text as they are/were currently presented on our company page.

Wondering if it would be worth making it clearer within the banner that it is a MaidSafe Korea page and not a MaidSafe page so that users understand it is a different company. Fitting the word Korea into the banner would help achieve this.

Thanks again!


@nicklambert he seems to have registered
Unless the domain belongs to you guys, it should be clear that website is not the official one.


Thank you! I will change the banner as you said.


I think is a MaidSafe Asia (now MaidSafe Solutions) site.