Can I run a private SAFE Network?

Is it within the scope of the broader SAFE project to run a completely separate and private autonomous network that is not connected to the (future) public SAFE Network, and is not employing the feature of farming for SAFE coins?

Hypothetically speaking, if a global NPO wanted to use the tech to support it’s own people in the field without participating in the public SAFE Net… is that kosher?

Again, sorry for the noob questions, doing my best to come up to speed and evaluate the viability of investing in SAFE.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes of course! It’s all open source, and could be forked and modified to suit if needed, although this would come with its own not insignificant maintenance and support requirements I’d imagine, so it would very much depend on the resources of the organization.

Although in reality, they may well be better off just using the actual Safe Network in most circumstances.