Can I receive real money with farming?

I saw that not many posts answer this question directly.
For example, Sia and Storj currently gives out real fiat-tradable coins/tokens if people allocate their hard drives. Does farming with SAFE give out fiat-tradable currencies?
If not, why do people volunteer in farming?

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Farming will create SAFEcoins for the farmer as they successfully retrieve chunks asked for.

They will end up on exchanges etc.


So then is it possible now?

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Not yet. This will happen post Alpha 4 (we’re currently on alpha 2). The steps to get there are:

Secure Autonomous Network. An autonomous secure routing layer that will see the network architecture becoming more decentralised, enabling users to run routing nodes and providing secure transient data in the process.

Secure autonomous data services. The addition of a storage layer through the reintroduction of user run vaults facilitating a much broader range of decentralised apps and use cases.

Data republish and network restarts. A security audit of the network. Test safecoin. Real-time network upgrades. Network validated upgrades.

Full Safecoin will be released once the dev team are happy with the security and distribution of test safecoin.


Actually the resource of the current alpha 2 network is being provided by MaidSafe nodes, so farmers are not yet able to contribute their resources. In Alpha 3 farmers will be contributing resource for transient data (no storage) and then in Alpha 4 they will be farming (with storage) without profits. I hope that makes sense.


It could be possible in some kind of pool farming, where pool will give you directly cash instead of safecoin, but that is just idea which does not look very attractive.

Where I can find the SAFE project road map


there is no schedule calenda?r

no schedule
no delays

Yes, it can take 100 years, without any delays

He didn’t mean getting fiat, he is wondering if safecoins are liquid.

Right now, you can trade MaidSafeCoins for BTC.
And BTC to USD. Just like Storj or Sia.

MaidSafeCoins will become SafeCoins once the network is launched.

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Short video about history till 2014:
MaidSafe - the Story So Far…


  • Test 1-17

  • Alpha 1 (1.8.2016)

  • Alpha 2 (21.9.2017)

  • Alpha 3 ( x.x.2018)

So I would expect that with already bigger team, the progress will be little faster than 1 year between Alpha 1 and 2.


Are you sure you’ve linked to the right video there?

I posted video played after this one…

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Thanks for update.
It’s reasonable to think Alpha 4 begins 2019 and end at 2020 and at this point one more year for safe network and safecoin - only talking about in hypothetical bases.
2021 will be year, it seems so!
As you said it will depends of the growing team. Can I be correct in my thoughts?

hmhmmm - i would be inclined to respectfully disagree - with all the stuff i’ve seen so far here and the things that are going on in the developer forum and the posts here … i woud be extremely suprised if alpha 4 wasn’t released this year (of course nobody knows … but the large gap between alpha 1 and 2 was not as it was supposed to be and there were major changes in between - alpha 3 and 4 are more logical next steps now)


From what I’ve read, especially in Reddit, a lot of people are betting on 2018 for Alpha 4, but long term projects have this kind of dislikes you just mentioned before. Which will lead me - to suppose -, after what you have said and what I have already read, that 2019 will be the year.

ah - well - we’ll just see what happens and when it happens i guess :wink:

i’m not a very patient person but some things are worth waiting for them for a while :slight_smile:

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I am not very patient to, and with the old i’m, I must be enough age to know - with sometimes several losts - that I lose more when I do not have enough wisdom to use time for my own benefit.
However, since I’ve been in the crypto world for a long time, knowing what I’m doing here is worth more than the easy profit.
This project seems to me something that can change the present and bring in a near futurea lot of profit to those who know how to wait.

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