Can I not simply use my home PC to donate network space?

Sorry for the rant but each time I attempt to find information or set something up I get everything but what I am looking for. Ranting aside, I will admit that I have received excellent help and guidance whenever I have asked.

It is my opinion but I do not find this system plug and play. Yes, once I start to become familiar with it, it will all make sense but for someone transitioning from the current Internet platform, it feels very complicated.

I simply want to use my home PC to allocate space on my hard drive for the MAIDSAFE network and generate MAIDSAFE coins. What are the required steps to accomplish this?

All I find are posts stating to buy laptops and other hardware. Why is this necessary?

Thank you!

Run a vault, it will be a simple download and auto install. Minimal configuration required and possibly none, but you will wish to put in your safecoin address for coins to be sent to. So a simple download and run program with a wallet address to be entered.


I’ve put this comment a few years back but I really hope and think it would be wise to make sure these downloads also work for homeservers, especially Synology and QNAP as these make up a large part of the market share of Home NAS servers (therefore stable and always on connections).

Is this one of the things being taken into account when the project goes live?

It will be simple as David describes, but just to be clear you cannot yet provide storage yet or earn Safecoin.

The current stage is alpha 2, when we reach alpha 3 there will be routing-only vaults at home (still no storage). Later there will be storage but still not real Safecoin, and eventually real Safecoin.

So still some way to go before what you are asking here. But when we get to earning real Safecoin it will be very simple, and easy to learn how to do it.


yeah I know we’re in Alpha 2 (that’s why I said when project goes live ;-))

however, I can imagine that depending on your system, some program needs to be written in the proper language… Don’t know whether Synology DSM uses the same language as windows or QNAP or whatever?

Hi @Lordhumungous,

Just to re-itterate what’s been said and hopefully help others if they come here too.

  • The network is currently in Alpha Phase as we’re still developing little bits of it so it is not live yet.
  • When the network has gone live all you’ll have to do is run a vault on your home PC and you’ll earn SafeCoin.
  • No additional hardware will be required
  • The vault setup will be a very simple process.

I think that others are talking about additional hardware as they, as their own choice, want to have a dedicated Safe Network machine - simple as that.

Any other questions just ask! :slight_smile:



Hi @Eureka18,

I’m not going to speak about specific DSM software but I think it’s safe enough to assume that if the NAS has always-on access through a router then you aren’t going to have any problems at all.

I will ask around in here to see if anyone has anything to say to the contrary so if you don’t see a post from me again here in the next couple of days I think we can step back to DEFCON 5.



Awesome! Thank you David and all!


Hi all,

I’ve built and ran a vault (0.18.0) in a VM (Linux) but it stopped almost immediately. When launched with -f, it seems to run properly.
I think the network is up and running right now,
So could you please tell me what should I check ?


Alpha2 does not allow home vaults, that will resume in alpha 3.

You can though run a local test network by running several vaults on a single machine - search “how to run a local test network” or similar for details.


Hi Mark,

Thanks for the reply, that is clear :wink:


Damn! When is Alpha 3 expected to come out?

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Newbie here. From what I’ve learned so far, it would make sense (if one has available hardware) to run both at least one always-on vault node, and maybe one that goes on/off at irregular times. The former would be more efficient as a service to the network since it would not need frequent re-populating, increasing its reliability rating. Also, since Safe will be a new phenomenon on the scene, until it is proven over time (brilliant in concept though it is), not all participants might be willing to trust “all” of their personal/private data to the network, initially, so they may wish to keep some things in conventional storage methods or offline. But not everyone has spare hardware/electricity which they can devote to an always-on mini-server, so provision has been made for them to participate, also. Amazon AWS and other big data-centers are not likely to go away initially, perhaps not for the forseeable future.


Thanks for the reply, it is clear. We need to wait until Alpha3 to gain safecoin with home vault, which is not ready yet.

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Home vaults is due in alpha 4 not 3. Also safecoin would only be testsafecoin if done by then.