Can I integrate safe network with the web network on launch?

What I am trying to say can I call data from out the safe network.
for example I want to attach a paypal button to my safe page and have it connect to paypal. or if I have links to my hosted website will safe network be able to bridge to any network easy with just a hyperlink.

My plan is to have hosted website on php server ‘word press’ but use the safe network for my static information. I think combining the old and the new meshed together is prefect fit for me right on launch by using the tools already available.

The browser is what will allow this.

With the plug in, SAFE content can be pulled into any html page. It does not prevent normal web links/content.

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by the way … I believe that the plugin development is a separate project … but wondering if it could be pulled into the installer as an option - such that people installing SAFEnet can easily get the plugin at the same time instead of having to locate and install it separately. Any thoughts?


So the plugin can redirect/route in and out of safe network like it is on web.

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The plug JUST intercepts requests to the safenetwork and gets the content from the safenetwork. All other requests continue as normal.

So it is in essence a normal traditional WEB experience and only SAFE addresses are sent to SAFE for the content.

The intercept ‘code word’ has not been finalised yet, but could be safe://fredscontent/content, or http://safe/fredscontent/content, or safenet://fredscontent/content, or whatever

Yes, and it makes a neat technical and usability solution, and so is very attractive. However, mixing content removes important features of SAFE: security, anonymity, freedom from censorship etc. are all very much weakened.

So I think it’s fine up to a point, but ideally something we move away from, so everything is on SAFE in the longer term. Otherwise, what’s the point!

I am hoping to bring 200-300 brochure websites to safe network in the next few years. and wanting to use safe network for a place where the data is stored at.

I am wanting to use the safe network as an cloud for 200-300 websites for the community project I am creating like as the whitepages in a phonebook but with more functionality.

I can not do this with safe network alone and forced to use cms and plugins as backbone for all the feature I am wanting that the safe network software plugin have not been coded yet.

But to create all 300 websites on my hosting server and having full control or being able to decide to shut down the service when I ever choose is not a great selling point.

Having 300 brochure website that the owners can have the choice to update or the feature to be there forever is a marketing dream.

The biggest selling point to decentralized network is having ownership of your own data, Godaddy or host gator could go broke and shut down tomorrow and take down your website.

If i wanted to create a basic website today with no experience and hired and payed all the service involved would cost and average business over $500.

so I am looking at what can I really do with the safe network, in every different direction. safe network has ability for everyone in the whole world to have there own private profile page.

I am wanting to just link this together in my own community and looking what path can I take.

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hi happybeing, how is the safepress going? I am waiting in the shadows with a pocket full of safe coins ready to buy the wonderful plugins your team is creating. I am hoping for a fancy css plugins, of image sliders and pop up boxes for catalogs and profiles.
my favorite on word press are huge and ultimate addons.

@Justin thanks for explaining how you plan to use SAFEnetwork - that’s ambitious but very achievable I think. I look forward to hearing more and helping a bit where I can.

SAFEpress has been a bit quiet lately - other team members have not been checking in so I’m assuming they’ve lost interest or lack time, though new people have also joined and started getting up to speed. At the same time there is continued interest and support, so we need more Devs!

Personally I’ve been busy with other work, so not spent any time with code, but I’ve still been thinking.

Reading the ideas of @Seneca and @eblanshey for their forum projects got me rethinking my ideas on the back-end and data architecture. This involved both throwing things up in the air so to speak, and coming up with plans for building something simple to help test ideas and experiment with the SAFEnetwork API.

I just don’t have enough time or knowledge to push this sized project along without a lot of help though, so we’re really in need of more people doing more things to establish a what and a how, and begin doing it.

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