Can I have a new account on safe network?

I set a quick secret and password and after some days forgot it, can I have another invite?

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You can login by using your email.
No password needed.

I’ve messaged you a new invite.


its about the safe network secret and password

thank you very much!


I remember the password but it says wrong password, what can I do? @draw did the network reset?

So you have the Account Secret and Account Password you used to log in with the new invite 5 days ago? I’ve just checked that the network did not reset.

yeah, I wonder if I have a typo in my note but I tried million combinations that looks like what I wrote down and it always says incorrect. I dont know maybe i forgot to write down a whole word and so I cannot crack it

I’ll send you another one. Maybe using a password manager like is a good idea :wink:

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ok i will look into that I will copy and paste this time