Can I farm using Network Attached Storage (NAS)

I have a windows computer but I don’t have much space left on my hard drive.
Is it possible to run the safe browser on my windows computer and use my NAS to act as spare disk space?

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You won’t need any more space just yet as Vaults (data storage at home) are not operational on Alpha 2. They will be returning again at Alpha 4 stage


In that case, what is the use of installing safe browser?

With SAFE Browser you can browse existing sites on the SAFE web, upload your own using the web hosting manager and if you’re a developer use it as the basis for developing your own web app.


So it is not possible to be a farmer?

Not yet no - not too long though with any luck.

In your first reply you say it is possible to upload a website. But if it is not possible yet to farm, where will it be stored and who is getting paid for that storage?

At the moment the network is in Alpha - it’s still being tested and developed - so MaidSafe are hosting all the nodes. When it’s in production the nodes will be users’ computers and maybe even smartphones. In previous tests home vaults were used, but the current Alpha doesn’t have them.


Is SAFE Browser the one we’re supposed to use again now? Isn’t it Peruse?

SAFE Browser is the more functional for now but will not be developed much longer.

Peruse is less functional at this point but will soon supercede SAFE Browser.


So wich one do we need to install; Safe Browser or Peruse?

The vault is a separate application, you don’t need to run the browser for farming. you could even install it on the NAS without the need to to run both, the nas and the windows pc, for farming.

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