Can farming & Mining run parallel?

Just wondering, the network is launched, can existing crypto miners run farming on their rig while not stopping any existing operations? If possible then it’s a huge deal!

  • Miners will flock in to get additional income by providing their idle memory space.
  • YouTubers will cover this topic so basically it’s free marketing for Safenetwork.
  • Safenetwork reach will be exponential.

Based on my limited understanding, it’s only possible to mine 1 type of coin at a certain time. I’m not a techie, plz correct me if I’m wrong.

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It should be possible to gpu mine and farm at the same time as farming doesn’t require gpu power. But not sure about cpu mining


You could run your mining rig and provide the SAFE Network (harddisk space, cpu and bandwidth), but it depends on the coin your mining it’s harddrive requirements.

Another underestimated source of income is registering publicIDs and later on selling them.

Hmmm I’m also not a techy, but you can merge mine. Project Decorum a SAFE Network project will also enable users to mine Clikes. Episode 31 - Harmen Klink | SAFE Crossroads

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Is an interesting question - hadn’t considered this before, so good one. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure of the technical feasibility because I don’t know how large scale mining systems work. I doubt for example they keep one blockchain copy per node!

Theoretically, they could be repurposed, but my guess is that this will not be a likely outcome because farming is going to be a lower cost lower reward setup, with small margins, and I’m thinking that repurposed mining rigs will be too expensive to run.


Not too sure about large scale mining but my understanding now I individual miners setup PC with loads of graphics card. Some of them have multiple such setup at home. I guess if we market this idea properly it’ll be quite appealing to them. One idea for the marketeers in maidsafe to consider.


THough depends if the miners use USB.
Heavy I/O can be counter intuitive to their initial set up strategy and resource use.
It is interesting though as to some coins are so GPU intensive that the rest of the resources just effectively consume power while contributing little.

I have actually emailed the developers of ethos distro about this thought.
USB use for imaging was brought up as why it wouldn’t be a pursuit, which I agree with (some).

Sometimes the general reward/cost ratio might have been met. If the power use is generally negligible, it is an opportunity to increase the profit margin, it will be considered. That and how hard it would be to implement in linux or windows.

If it’s a multiprocessor/multicore machine say a four core i3 then CPU and GPU mining can run concurrently with farming quite nicely on Linux platform, and probably also on recent Windows OS machine with 2X more memory than the Linux machine, at a minimum :wink:


Similar idea: Has anyone thought about bundling a lightning node and a safe vault?

Channels could be opened between users and farmers: the former ones would buy safecoins needed to store data and the latter ones would convert their farmed safecoins to bitcoins.

Connecting these bundled nodes would implement a lighting network that embeds a decentralized exchange with quasi null fees.

Just an idea, I don’t know if it is viable.

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