Can anyone invite me to the slack channel?

Can anyone invite me to the slack channel? Thanks!

I’ll private message you my email if you need it!

I don’t have a slack account, but I can invite you to join :

#safenetwork on :slight_smile:

I’m sure someone will send you a slack invite very soon.

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I suggest - decentralised e2e encrypted access to safe slack and other enabled channels on IRC etc


Yeah, I’ve signed into the dev chat but ran into the same issue for the public (?) Slack group. Have the admins setup a Slackin for it anywhere?

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Not sure, but is this what you need:

Thanks! Is that channel active? I’ve heard of freenode but when i visit it shows “Apache2 Debian Default Page”, is there something i’m missing?

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That’s not a website address but an irc channel so you would use it with an irc client, but you are already in that channel now on (also you are in the slack channel) because they are linked together.

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<-- what @happybeing said :slight_smile:

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Yes, there is a Slackin at :slight_smile:

See this topic for more info on the configuration of the Matrix / Riot / Slack / IRC channels:

The same information is also mentioned on this page:


The SAFE Network Slack is now deprecated (due to the lack of features related to moderation and spam prevention).

See this topic for more info on the different chat options currently being used by the SAFE Network community: SAFE Network Chats