Can anyone here explain NFTs to me

I mean apart from a tax dodge I’m just not getting it or is it something I’m missing?


MMmmmmm interesting. Seems like SAFE are a good home… pending this thing ever sees the light of day…

Bubble if I’ve ever seen one.

I was wondering, if an NFT is essentially verifiable original data, can Safe Network Token be spun as NFT?

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I guess so.

Im not understanding how they think these things are unique if any future chain can just do the same thing…

Some brainlet paid $1300 for this NBA Top Shot: USD $1,325.00 - USD $250,000.00 Giannis Antetokounmpo - available from 40 sellers

I can go and watch this for free anywhere and don’t care who owns it…

Like I said… tax dodge. Brilliant.

Beeple has some pretty cool stuff but most of the nonsense sold as art is madness. Guess art is in the eye of the beholder.

They’re using IPFS I think…wow

I’ve spent intermittent cycles thinking of games that could be deployed on Safe leveraging NFTs. I think there’s a big opportunity there.

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