Can Anyone Help Me Get Trusted Status?

Hey, all. I have been extremely interested in MaidSafe for months and somehow tonight I just found the links to get the software and more answers on using it. I wanted to supply the network with 4TB and get on this wagon before it takes off. I definitely need to get access to the beta release - the old one isn’t working.

How can I atleast get trusted status level 1 quickly? Photo ID? FB? Uber Face to Face??? PLEASE LET ME IN THE GROUP!!! :cry:


I have given you a “like,” which should put you closer.


Thanks so much. How long have you been with the project?

You are going to have to wait quite some time before you’ll be able to do that. There are no user run vaults at this time


See the post below for Trust Level 1 requirements. You won’t be able to farm (mine) using your own hardware until beta which is some months away at least, but Level 1s can help to test the network. The restriction to Level 1 and above was put in place to prevent malicious users spamming the network during tests.


Thank you for this info :slight_smile:

I agree. So where is all the hype in the forum? What’s the latest?

For me, the latest is that I’ve run out of account balance and I can’t edit on my site anymore.

best way to spend some time opening topics : The Documentation Topic

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OMG I can use maidsafe! I reached basic. Thanks so much. You will not regret this.


OK, so a crash and burn notice. I guess I saw a notice about getting the trusted status. How can i verify?

Your profile - says “Trust Level new user” but you need “basic user”, sorry.

Ok, Ok, I don’t want to overdo it, but I JUST GOT BASIC!!! AGHGGHHGHGHGHAHGHHA I am so happy right now.


I feel like I have been browsing forever. I don’t understand why I don’t have basic yet.

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You need to look at more topics.


Can I get one like too?


Just go through a few of the links here and you’ll be Trust Level 1 before you know it

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Yes we have given you a “Like” as well