Can a smart person on this Forum make a vault video

I’m a clueless consumer
@fergish might say he’s a simpleton, I’m just simple and like to keep things simple, but still I love to learn stuff.

So if a capable community member can make a video how to run a vault, it would give a better idea and possibility for me to see and try it out. I’m not only asking this for self interest, it’s more to get people use to creating content/learning others/ so these others can learn others.

If 76% of 55 SAFE Networkers did not run a vault that is a bad sign, we should all atleast try or be taught how to run a vault. Sorry for my ignorance, but I try to learn as much as possible, because it’s the only way that my love for the SAFE Network, can help me help others love it as much as I do

Brilliant idea btw @polpolrene to have a poll, this give us feedback and a better picture “what’s up” :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you to whoever can make the video


Actually I was considering making a crowd funder for a short series of illustrations to explain SAFE and give people a comprehensive introduction how to set up the network. I started to prepare sketches but I am nowhere near publishing examples. Just a quick heads up.


I found this in memory lane

But I’m basically stuck @ "RUST_LOG-info ./safe_vault"
And I haven’t kept up what the new magic words are to fire up a new magic vault. :tired_face:

It’s a shame, but maybe I have to wait for this one

Thanks anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

@19eddyjohn75 the vault test from Thursday is finished, so not until this week will it happen again; the first test was concluded ‘successfully’ within about a few hours…

I think a more stable one will be having videos… btw it was a real learning experience for myself as well, how to put the port and forward it etc. Not so hard actually :slight_smile:

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Looks like you missed out, @19eddyjohn75 , all the Safecoin that will ever be were mined and taken. Sorry. I’m off to the Bahamas after I finish this message. And all the FREEDOM was mined, too: first in first served! That hole in the ground? That’s an empty FREEDOM mine…

I’ll put up a postcard when I get there. Ah, FREEDOM! (with fries on top).

All your FREEDOM ah belong to us!


Actually, I tend to keep notes for anything new that I build, so I’ll probably put them up. That might be useful.


I do not see it as a bad sign. The release was clearly indicated as being directed to developers and not the general public. This is why I chose not to run the vault, and to wait for the MVP.

Plus, communicating too much about this release is not necessarily a good thing, as less frequent users may start to confuse this with the actual MVP, and wrongly think it is not the plug-and-play quality that was advertised.