Can a c# .net application be deployed to the network?

Can an application written and compiled in c# .net be deployed on the network?


Yes, @oetyng has done it several times


How is this actually done?

Here is a link to a library


Maybe related, maybe unrelated question: What about things like running gaming servers? What would it take to host something like Minecraft or Terraria on SAFE, would a completely redesigned server software be necessary to work while decentralized?

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Hey fellow C#:er :slight_smile: Good to see more of us here.

Just to clarify.
This is the link to the C# bindings that I implemented for safe_app 0.4.0:
(Actually, mostly just reformatting the MaidSafe repo, but also added a few methods that they hadn’t implemented).
That repo now includes authenticator.

The EventStore that is linked in the post above, is a db implementation using those bindings.

MaidSafe has implemented C# bindings for same version of safe_app (I thought they had for the later too, but I didn’t find it with a quick phone browse), but IMO the repo has a bit more than needed if you just want to do a C# desktop app, and they have some strange Java-like formatting of the code that I don’t like :wink:
The MaidSafe repo is perfect if you’re going to do Xamarin.Forms though - which, btw(!) will soon be available for macOS and Linux too! So this will be the best cross platform UI solution for C#. I definitely will do something with that.