Can 100 computers in a LAN create a SAFE network automatically?

Assume a private network (no internet access) with 100 computers, all of them have installed and running a SAFE client on it, so will they automatically create a small SAFE network?

Not just by downloading - it would need some editing of configuration files, and possibly (at this stage probably) some recompilation. But 100 computers is a tiny network so I doubt this would have significant benefits and be worthwhile. Only guessing on that though.

What if a govenment blocks all internet access, and results in a ‘‘private’’ network of millions of computers? What will happen? Will SAFE network continue to work?

Search for discussions on network splits and joins.

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Yes, you can do it with as little as 8 Vaults at the moment. You can give the network your own preferred name as well. You need to be a geek though, but we’ve seen “community networks” before here on the forum just to try and play.