Calling Gamers: Ideas for a game to spread SAFE Network adoption

Hi everyone!

I know this is an old thread but still, I would like to share some thoughts with you people.

Recently, I stumbled upon a collection of online games that are created using computer languages like HTML5 and JavaScript, etc.

So, in my opinion, this type of Online JavaScript Games will work great for the adoption of SAFE Network as the users don’t have to download or install anything on their computer.


I havent checked these out yet - cos Im determied not to get sidetracked but we already had a clone of an old console racing game on the previous network.
It was a start…

I have an idea for a card game that is not on the internet as far as I know but have no computer skills to create it. If anyone is bored let me know :thinking:

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Background: Real life escape games are my thing at this point of my life. My wife and I design and build them. I have played many and it’s funny because during the game I always enjoy myself but upon reflection I never get the logic, the “why?” is rarely truly answered. The game I am currently building hopes to change this and will be (hopefully) a game-changer. (Its also a two-part game played in the same arena, very new thing that I don’t think is out there yet, why? Its not a good business model but, I build for the players not just for the money).

That being said, what with us having to be closed right now I was thinking of keeping players entertained by creating an old school online treasure hunt (clues leading players from one already built website to another). Unfortunately and fortunately I live where I work so my time is limited as I can still work (I saw the trouble coming and stocked up construction supplies weeks in advance (my game was supposed to launch Jan 2020 but now it looks like Jan 2021).

Back to the topic: The OP got me thinking, it would great to see an old school “point and click” escape game (the original inspiration for “live escape games”) where the player is led along a story theme (while solving puzzles that relate) that shows the inspiration/thoughts behind the SAFE Network. It could be educational and fun and at the end perhaps they could win safecoin (MAID for now). This would take some building and time but another option that would only take time would be to do the same but as an old school online website treasure hunt where each website is somehow related to SAFE and at the end the last site is hosted on SAFE Network showing that it actually is possible to have the things the story led up to.


Would also be interesting if players could pay for in game assets/features with Safecoin (MAID) for now. In that way, an economy around using the current token and future coin could be built. It could also be helpful for fundraising for future app development and marketing initiatives too.


one idea (I have no idea where to start acutally making lol… so please someone “steal” my idea)… Second Life 2.0 but connected to the SAFE network for content so there could be virtually unlimited kinds of shoes or dogs to buy (at least up to how ever many the network can store the data for)

Like I envision a game engine thing client side but then for the places you go and things you see it fetches that from the SAFE network. Now I am very untechnical so I am not sure if this would work or even provide any advantage over the classical central server schema.


A tool that would be of use for a wide range of games from cards to online worlds and most things in-between would be a Non-fungible token standard for the Safe Network. Also would tie in well with any decentralised marketplace for exchanging gaming tokens.

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A fortune teller or mind reader or Ted talk generator that reconfigures data in random ways could be fun.

Also an oddsmaker that uses crowdsourced inside information would be interesting.

There is no need at all to find a killer app that sells SafeNetwork. As soon as it is up and actually works I promise it will take off by itself no effort at all.

Yeah that’s what Wilbur and Orville thought too :slight_smile:

It’s obvious to you, it’s ovious to me and most folk on this forum. We are a very very tiny self-selecting demographic.
It’s going to take very serious marketing and an awful lot of hard work and money to tell the story that needs to be told.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as aware as yourself. You appreciate the dangers, the lack of privacy, security, permanence etc etc. I think everyone on here does too.
It doesnt change the fact that most folk do NOT recognise these problems, If they did , we would be in a different place. They don’t.