[Call to Action] This community is changing and not in a good way

Never have I thought I would be making this post. Not on this forum. Not in this community. I’m sure by making this post, I’m probably going to step on some toes and I’m not going to make friends along the way. Yet I feel it’s important this post gets published, for my own mental health but also for the health of the project. Let’s hope we can find common ground in that we’re all here for the sake of the project, something we believe will make the world a better place.

I first got in touch with this project during the 2017 bull cycle, not only was Maidsafe the first crypto I ever invested in, it was the first thing ever I invested in. Even though I was still learning what crypto was all about, the story behind Maidsafe, the people within the Maidsafe team and the welcoming community instantly lit a spark in me I knew I never wanted to let go. Truth be told, at the peak of the bull market, many projects gave me the same spark, even though the last where more money driven than anything else. During the bear market I lost close to everything by my own poor choices, it was worth it though. Because it was during this time that I learned that no matter how hard projects can scream how amazing they are, it’s during bear cycles where you can see if they where in it for the money, or in it because they’re doing something they believe can push the human race forward. It was during that bear cycle that I found out Maidsafe was truly something special. Where other communities where falling apart, turning on the team behind the project, it was the Maidsafe community powering through with weekly updates, community driven initiatives and people contributing in whatever way they could.

I’ve been around for a long time. I’ve seen healthy discussions on these forums. From marketing, to exchange accessibility from omni liability to ERC20 bridges. I’ve seen tens if not hundreds of people on this forum wanting ERC20 so badly, it would be a game changer. Several community members stepped up and made it a reality and are still fighting for broader adoption. It’s been the same people over and over that are investing their time, money and credibility to make these things happen, things that we as a community wanted. And it’s not that it’s the same people that have to make things happen that troubles me, it’s the absolute lack of appreciation they get in return that makes me feel absolutely sick.

I’m not going into too much detail about the cost of things, because in my opinion it shouldn’t matter if the cost of making it happen is closer to $100 or $100.000, it’s something the community wanted, and it’s something we as a community shouldn’t be taking for granted. Altcoinomy made eMAID possible, eMAID that tens if not hundreds of people wanted, they absorbed all the costs involved and opened up a donation address. 1 person donated and not even 0.5% of all omni MAID have been converted at the time of writing. I personally have been fighting for centralised exchange adoption over the last 2 years, I opened up a donation address to be able to continue to keep eMAID accessible on exchanges. 4 people donated. A community driven marketing fund that has been initiated back in 2020 still hasn’t reached $5000 worth of donations. I know there are several other people that contributed so much to this community (you all know who you are) without setting up a donation address. And I know I speak for some of them when I say they’re happy to contribute if they feel the appreciation from the Maidsafe team and the community but I can also say that those same people have not been feeling the appreciation they deserve for far too long now. It may be a hard message to deliver, but I think that we as a community should think twice about what we take for granted.

As we all know, the Maidsafe team has been working so hard on getting a stable testnet out. They’ve shifted from a broad range of activities to full focus on making the impossible network possible. Even though I personally feel that not having minor (notable) marketing side activities or not having (or being able due to regulation) a dedicated team member for exchange management is a mistake, I have to believe that Maidsafe knows best what direction to go to make the network a reality. What they probably don’t (fully) realise is that their choices put a massive burden on the community but it has been a burden we’ve all carried over the last several years. I feel that with the swiss foundation coming up, Maidsafe has finally acknowledged that something needs to change. I just hope that until it happens and way beyond that, this community will step up like they’ve stepped up for so many years already. I’m confident that every single one of you reading this post is here to see the project become a reality, and not for the few people left on this forum, but for the world to see. All I’m asking you guys is to consider donating a small % of your holdings to one of our very much respected community members that are doing something you appreciate. It’s a sign of appreciation and it’s money being used to increase the chances of the Safe Network becoming a worldwide success, isn’t that why you invested in the first place?

If after reading this post you feel like contributing to one of the many community driven initiatives check out the posts below:

Additionally, you can also contribute in other ways

  • Consider buying eMAID on the new exchanges. Most of the eMAID being sold there will be bought back in omni on Bittrex. Causing twice the volume on exchanges, and conversions from omni to eMAID can be bundled in larger transaction to save minting cost.
  • Consider Buying eMAID at a premium. Liquidity on both Uniswap and P2PB2B are coming from respected forum members that will reinvest any of their profits made from converting to accelerate eMAID adoption on exchanges.
  • Be active on the forum, let us know what initiative might be worth starting as a community

If you made it till the end of the post, I can only thank you for staying with me. I truly hope I haven’t offended any of you, it’s never been my intention. I’d like to end this post with an appropriate metaphor: On the Safe Network, every single node has to carry some of the burden for it to function. Let us as a community not become a big data center, let’s stay like the safe network. The network that first lit that spark in me back in 2017.


I’ll have to give a more deserved response later tonight but I mostly agree with you. It’s been getting quieter here too, I’ve been more passive yet still doing things in the background but life and the lack of luster in crypto has slowed me down too, in other respects.

The positive notes are community members running their own test nets every week, still getting those weekly updates on progress, and of course yours, Soton’s, and SwissPrivateBanker’s amazing success with eMAID and listings.


Got to say I agree with your passion and love for this community.

And I have nothing but admiration for the efforts comunity members go to for this project especially

@Sotros25 @SwissPrivateBanker @Mightyfool for making eMaid possible.

@happybeing for always posting to keep conversations going.

@Josh @dreamerchris for test nets.

And always my favourite @Dimitar for his relentless efforts and poster campaigns.

Also special mention for @BambooGarden

The list goes on of amazing members sorry if iv left anyone out.

I know things are quiet lately since we are in a bear market blood bath and I’m sure many people are a bit disheartened with it all but this comunity always picks its self back up and gets back to it.

Once pay day comes round I am planing a few donations and to buy a few eMaid.


Thanks for all youve done, and to everyone else who has contributed in one way or another here.

However IMO, maid price is low, if it were higher ppl could realise some profits and would more likely contribute funds.

We have a small community, many of which dont trade and are holding, this has been the case for a long time.

Unemployment is up, as are living costs and will only rise further.

Although many wanted erc, many also wanted another exchange, you organised that and you know it wasnt well used.

Its just not great timing for many , and from our small number of regulars many werent interested in erc or other exchanges.

Your left looking at a small subset of a small community who wanted these things.

I dont mean to sound negative, just expressing my opinion.

Im greatfull for all thats been done, as i feel sure many are, and hope things improve, time will tell.


I have to agree with @bones. Probably not the best time to be asking the community to part with money in these uncertain times.

In hindsight maybe these projects should have set up donation addresses prior to the costs being payed by individual people to gauge how much they were actually wanted by the community.

I believe we are at a point now where the majority of MAID are locked up until we get a working network and will only be exchanged for SNT. Also I don’t think we will attract many new buyers until we have something tangible to show the world. Once we do have something to show the world I’m sure this community will show what it’s made of.

This isn’t to say I am not very grateful for everything you and the other community members have achieved this last year or two it is amazing :clap:t2:


I very much appreciate the work that is done in the community. The fact that we have so many people that have put up a ton of resources and time into helping keep this community afloat is pretty amazing.

I think there are a couple of issues. First, people overestimated the reach this board has before moving forward with these initiatives. We have, what, forty really active members on this board, give or take? I think we are just too small of a subset of people to really get a consensus on the community of holders at large. While I am beyond happy to have gotten my coins off the Omni network, I think it’s been shown the interest just isn’t there in the larger community. Whether that be because everyone is just hodling, or because many of the big players with the huge bags don’t even know we transitioned. Personally, I think the Maidsafe team should transition their holdings to eMAID. Even if they aren’t selling them, at least the amount transitioned would likely shoot up significantly, giving some more credibility and awareness to the effort.

Second, I don’t fault you for this, and I’m super appreciative you made it happen @Mightyfool, but P2PB2B dropped the ball big time and I believe lost all the confidence from the community from the little it already had as a small exchange. Right off the bat the lack of ability to withdraw after depositing your MAID, and the high withdrawal costs were prohibitive to the success of the exchange. They should have refunded any money you put into the effort for completely screwing you over.

Finally, I agree with @scottefc86 that these should have been funded ahead of time by community effort to see how much interest there really was. Have people put money where their mouth is, as it were. Again, not that I’m not appreciative, but I don’t believe there would have been any groundswell support to get on P2PB2B. We may have gotten some bigtime donations if we realistically believed we could get on Binance/Coinbase/Kraken/etc., but the Maidsafe team made it pretty clear they were not going to jump through the hoops necessary to make that kind of big deal happen. I think it should have died there.


I think people are grateful for the work you and others do. I certainly am, but I haven’t donated. Does that make me unappreciative? No, but it makes you feel unappreciated, and I can empathise with that.

I wouldn’t expect people to have donated significantly to support or thank me had I put up a donation address. I considered it, but was sure I’d just be disappointed if I did so i focused on the feedback. Many have thanked me over the years and that has helped. But I could afford it, not everyone can and so I can understand the wish to be thanked in more practical ways.

I always did what I did, and I have put in a lot of hours, because I wanted to do it and that was my reward, and the hope that the project would benefit from my efforts.

In a way, as I look back much of that work feels wasted because it was based on things which have changed beyond recognition. Almost everything I built is either no longer needed or would need to be done again virtually from scratch! The benefit to the project wasn’t what I’d hoped or thought it might be. But I still believe it has helped - not by giving us early useful apps for example, but instead by building community, understanding and inspiring others to have a go and in my own learning, even though much of that is unlikely now to be applied (at my age).

I think the work that’s been done on ERC/CEX etc is beneficial even though I didn’t feel inspired to support it with effort or funds. And that has got to be ok. Nobody should feel guilty for not being active, or for not donating money to those who are. By being active we inspire, and our reward has to be more direct (the work itself) or we are likely to be disappointed.

There’s always a danger in giving too much, so I suggest everyone check that you are in control of your own reward for what you are willing to venture. That’s life.

It’s risky giving advice because we’re all different, but here’s mine :-), I’ve always tried to to balance two things the same time: working on things that I enjoy, such as things which inspire me (one kind of reward) and which also either pay the bills or might lead to a bigger pay off (which might be financial, or a new opportunity etc). I’ve stuck around here because this project fits. Many have come and gone, but although I’m no longer willing/able to put in the hours I used to (which I regret because I enjoyed it so much) I expect to be around until we know the outcome, and I’m hopeful this can be the network we want, and which the world needs more every day.

I hope this doesn’t sound critical of you @Mightyfool, I don’t feel that way. You’ve put a lot into this and it’s hard to ask for help afterwards and not receive it. And it’s good that you can explain this so people can see. Perhaps this will change things, but if it doesn’t that’s the learning, as well as understanding what leads each of us to do things in the first place.


I entirely get where you’re coming from, @Mightyfool. It’s quite painful when you’re (over)extending yourself b/c you feel as though if you don’t step in and fill the gap no one else will. I also think that it’s not sustainable. Increasingly, I’m coming to the conclusion that it doesn’t make sense to shoulder a burden for a community that doesn’t tangibly support it. While I do think that the initiatives you’re trying to spearhead are crucial, if the project and community won’t support it, I increasingly wonder, what’s the point? People support what they value. Perhaps the timing is too late and too many people have already left this community.

Regardless, to keep from getting burnt out, it’s important to set and enforce boundaries. Personally, the absence of significant project progress and increased community engagement within the next few months will serve as a sign to me that it’s time to step back.


The Bulgarian people have been under Turkish Slavery for over 500 years. Not all the Bulgarian people took part in the revolt against the Turks from the very beginning.

But there are people who have sacrificed from the beginning, even though they did not know if they would succeed.

Every effort, every burden is worth it, whether it is a successful or whether there is gratitude - if one believes that it makes the world a better place for the children and the people who come after us.

Privacy. Security. Freedom


Thank you all for the replies! I’m really happy to see such massive responses in such short notice. I feel many of the replies have some overlap so I won’t be replying to every post individually but I hope that I cover everything with this post.

I understand times are tough for some people and obviously the last thing I’d want is for people to donate something they simply cannot afford. I feel this should be something where people that are in a healthy situation financially, that have a significant enough MAID position (and thus benefit from all the work that’s being done by the community, even though psychologically the current price of MAID may not reflect that) should be stepping up. The last thing I want is for people to feel guilty that they can’t donate $100, if you can’t you can’t. But realistically our market cap is still sitting at €70.000.000 and that’s not made up of 70.000 people with a €1000 position. There are people in this market that have positions bigger than the market can absorb without dropping the prices to sub zero simply because the liquidity isn’t there. and obviously the vast majority of people are somewhere between those 2 ranges.

If everyone with the 5000+ MAID holding would considering donating even 1% there is so much we as a community can get done that would in my opinion increase the value & liquidity of MAID by much more than 1%. I know many of you have your doubts about the exchanges where currently on, and if it was “just” for the P2PB2B listing, I probably wouldn’t be spending my time on this too. People tend to believe that once everything goes live and people are pouring into the community again, we can just pay for a few listings left and right and before you know it we’re on all top 3 exchanges. If you have no liquidity or volume in the markets you currently have, and are unwilling to provide liquidity and markets markers yourself, even paying $100.000 for a listing won’t get you on a tier 1 exchange. I have been in touch with several T1 exchanges and I know @Sotros25 too has been working so hard making it happen. There are plenty of opportunities when going into the future if the community decides to convert some more to eMAID and decides to step up when it comes to donating a small portion of their holding to the ones making it happen. It makes it even more frustrating that I can’t seem to convince the community that what we’re doing now is an essential first step towards bigger listings.

I don’t think setting up donations addresses prior to making things a reality would work. The ERC20 process has been so long, where there was so much uncertainty if we could make it happen. You don’t want people donating to a cause you don’t know if you can make it happen. Once you do know, pretty much all the costs and time investments have already been made. I don’t want to make this post too specific about exchanges either, but I can assure you that when it comes to exchange, there isn’t much time to consult anyone. Exchanges work at their own schedule, you either cooperate or they go their own direction. In the case of P2PB2B, we either cooperated and got an eMAID listing or omni simply got delisted.

Partially I agree. The initial listing has been far from optimal. I do think over the years our community has became a little sensitive when it comes to exchanges (and rightfully so, don’t get me wrong). I think part of the problem lies with the omni protocol, it’s far from ideal for exchanges to integrate or maintain. Which is why several exchanges have been dropping support for it and why Tether decided to move away from it as well. Even though it has been quite inconvenient, P2PB2B solved every issue they had without anyone losing access to their funds. When it comes to the high fee, I also feel the community lacks vision. Bittrex has a 0.75% trading fee, taking 75 MAID on a 10.000 MAID trade where P2PB2B with it’s 0.2% trading fee (before vip program) only takes 20. Sure the withdrawal fees are higher, but most of the (smaller) purchases made on exchanges won’t instantly result in a withdrawal. It’s a different business model, I’d argue P2PB2B comes out ahead in term of fees.

It doesn’t sound critical at all. I totally see where you’re coming from.The key takeaway from my post is not that everyone should be donating if they can. I’m asking people that have a significant enough holding to benefit from all th work that’s being done to contribute in some way like I know happend back in the days when I first got into this community. You and so many others have been contributing to the projects in ways that cannot be expressed in money. That doesn’t make it less of a contribution.

So glad to see you reply and express your feelings here too. I know you’ve been working around the clock for this community and if people know only half the struggles you’ve faced making things happen I’m sure you would be getting the recognition you deserve. I personally feel the exact same way and continue wonder what’s the point. I don’t think most of people have left this community, I think many are still around, checking in from time to time. I just think many of the bigger holders make the mistake that holding everything until the network goes live is the best way to support the project, but I personally think we’re missing out on so many opportunities because of it. Getting the network live is priority number 1, getting people to know and use it is a very close second. We just forgot about the last part due to the long time at has taken to get a stable testnet. I still believe we’re getting there though and I hope this post will get people back to contributing in ways they’ve been praised for in the past.


I totally understand and agree. I’m sure MaidSafe is working as hard as they can but to me it’s only really palpable in terms of testnets and major releases. It’s almost been a year since the last testnet… are we still on track for Fleming? is that even still the plan?
I guess it is. and we’ll get there at some point im sure. But it’s hard to stay engaged over such long periods of time for any community.

I dont think many have left actually. For sure I havent. feels more like I’m hybernating. when things take too long I distract myself with other stuff - makes time go by faster.

In terms of MaidSafe getting serious work done in the background maybe it’s a good thing there is less pressure on forum, ppl asking: when Fleming? are we there yet?

MaidSafe have a way of hitting major milestones when nobody expects it. It’s going to happen again soonish… :slight_smile:
and when it happens i think we’ll all realize that we’re all still here and on fire again


Extremely long time lurker here! I’ve been invested in Maid since 2014 and must confess that although I always check the weekly updates I am not active at all in the community and this is actually my first post. I find the dedication and hard work of the team and so many community members very admirable and although I’m not technical in any way at all I appreciate and take confidence from the consistently detailed and positive weekly updates. From my perspective I’ve never felt in any position to ask for anything such as ERC maid or a major exchange as I’m simply a hopeful investor and am not sure it’s a good idea to ask without giving. I do understand however the frustration from those who give so much and feel like it’s still an indefinite wait for a tangible deliverable. Just from my perspective and in no way intended as a criticism at all but I have noticed over the years that although the topic of timescales has been quite taboo and very sensitive at times, there have been fairly frequent (or maybe just occasional depending on your viewpoint) references from the team to things being quite close to coming together. If I’ve misunderstood some of the communication then I am happy to stand corrected. I am not technical at all and have some understanding that ‘soon’ in coding shouldn’t be interpreted as a determinate period of time. However I feel that the community is growing weary after many years with the feeling that a proven and stable network may still be many more years down the track. Having said all of that, I still maintain confidence in David and the team and hope there is something to really get excited about coming down the road; hopefully this year! From my side I will convert some of my 2015 Maid to emaid if that may help.


I don’t know, I understand your frustration and the burden you carry, but at the same time I am angry about the way you blame the community, and pose it as somehow changed. I don’t see that change. There was no “before” when people chipped in gladly. The biggest change is the lack of activity: in this forum, in markets etc.

Another unhealthy change is the one you make by asking money after the fact. I understand I’m harsh here, but I truly do think it is not good for the community. I propose you cease all activity that you feel is too much for you. Protect yourself. I wish you all the good, and I am grateful for your efforts, but I hate the kind of guilt tripping you do here.

Like you, so do I “feel it’s important this post gets published, for my own mental health but also for the health of the project.”


With todays state of crypto and global economy in general I see a lot of people (myself included) being in sort of self-protecting hibernation. Just hold, focus on other things in life and wait for things to be less chaotic. I feel the lack of engagement here more as a result of global trend than what people are doing or not doing here.

eMAID is a good thing, thanks to all involved, really. But what reasons there today to move coins in any way? People here are mostly waiting for running network and people outside have seen so many coins fall lately thay are not going to buy eMAID just because it is now possible.

What i think we need is long-lived testnet/playground. I come to the forum quite often and I still am too late to most of the testnets. I am not sure if it possible, but we should try to have something running non-stop. It may have half of the functions switched off or be little older version, but the fact there is something running and people can play with it would mean a lot.
I bet it would have big impact on eMAID also, traders do research and even if they are not going to participate in the network, they see there is something running, boom, more interested.

P.S.: I dont have enough knowledge to try to run the playground myself, but if needed i can supply nodes that can run 24/7.


I applaud the excellent work you and @Sotros25 have done to get eMaid across the line. I never thought I’d see such a goal achieved from community members, so it really is something.

I can see how that amazing attitude to get things done and putting yourself forward means you want to keep pushing and making this as successful as it can be. But I do think you’ve done the hard work already. You and @Sotros25 have de-risked the maid token from being unsupported by at least one exchange. Yes, it would be great to see some volume and more exchanges adopting, but I think now we really need to see Fleming launch and hopefully the attention that will bring. If it comes, the demand for the Maid token will go up, the price will go up, some holders will be willing to sell which will bring volume / liquidity up. From that we should hopefully see more exchanges willing to add it.

Without eMaid the barrier to entry to buy Maid would have been a lot harder for many around the world. Once we get a live network everything should start to fall into place and the fruits of your labour will surely be obvious.

Regarding donations. I think we may see more of that from the community when the price has significantly appreciated. At the moment many are hurting from the crypto and market drops. It’s hard to donate money when you feel substantially poorer than you did a few months ago.

Personally, over the years I’ve been eager to help out, but like many I’m waiting for a live network / beta so I can help promote, build, farm, or whatever I decide to do to contribute.

Keep up the excellent work. Thanks for everything you have both done, but make sure you take some breaks from it.


And to add.

I will be converting some of my maid into eMaid. I’ve just not had the time recently. I’ll hopefully get it done before the summer ends.

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Hey there! Glad to see a long time lurker become a forum poster after all those years :slight_smile: Quite honored it’s in one of the topics I started, I don’t start that many. I think that you’re making a valid point that there is a huge discrepancy in terminology used for how close we are with the words “soon” and such and the perception of the community. I’m a developer myself but among the guys on these forums I consider myself slightly technical. I read all the weekly updates and occasionally track the github for progress. Honestly I think Maidsafe could make some improvements to the way they address the community and interact with them. Not that long ago we’ve had @JimCollinson make videos on Youtube regarding what the safe network was all about, I think we all enjoyed and appreciated that, but for some reason they stopped doing it. I know there is a lot of regulation stuff that limit what Maidsafe can do and Maidsafe is extremely cautious when it comes to endangering the project (glad they are). Personally I can’t imagine Maidsafe can’t hire a dedicated marketing person (even if only for 2/3 days a week) that can create some content from time to time to show people what they’re doing, what problems they’re facing or have an occasional round table talk like you see a lot in the game industry during the development stages. Maybe this is a whole other topic to address, but maybe Jim can shine some light on that.


Honestly I’m quite happy you don’t sugar coat your feelings. Even though I don’t necessarily agree that I blame the community for the burden (I definitely don’t intend to), I’m the only one to blame when it comes to the burden I’m taking on myself. I think the major frustration is that I can’t seem to fully explain the struggles we’ve faced and are still facing today.

I’m not asking for money after the fact either. There is an ongoing cost involved in maintaining the exchange, both in time and in money. For that reason I’ve set up the donation address, mentioning I have been making costs over the last few years out of my own pocket. But I’m no longer in the situation to do so. I can paint you a picture for what (in my opinion) would happen if I would cease all my activities around exchanges. The order book at P2PB2B would be empty (all orders, except the buys at 1 to 7 satoshi) are mine. The organic volume there has been $400 in 1 week time, that’s an average of $60 a day. Contract wise, we need to maintain a $3000 volume a day for P2PB2B not to delist us. So the $2940 in volume missing is coming from me at the moment. That alone makes me drop $200/month on fees alone. I’m not talking the daily time investment I have to make to maintain all these things, I’m honestly happy to do so whenever I can. Anyway, long story short, if I cease these activities, P2PB2B will simply delist omni within a month. Users with maid on P2PB2B on their platform would lose access to their funds. The Maidsafe team has made it very clear over the last few months that they have no experience with maintaining an exchange (hope I don’t offend anyone here) and anything the exchanges ask for are off limit for Maidsafe due to regulations in the UK.

Yes, I’m the only one that puts that pressure on me. I could just withdraw my funds from P2PB2B, stop the marketmaking activities and have them drop eMAID. But lets be realistic here, if you have the project & communities best interest at heart, would you? If you add to that that the volume on Bittrex has been shockingly low over the last several months, there are plenty of signs that Bittrex could delist omni maid in the near future. There is no way for me to get in touch with them to prevent that from happening. Which is why I’m fighting so hard to at least keep us at P2PB2B.


There isn’t even $3000 of volume a day on Bittrex. Do you have access to Bittrex to be able to hedge your position? do you simply need the tools to be able to market make between exchanges/uniswap without taking on additional risk?

MAID liquidity is just a difficult beast, and while I would like to help with that I don’t have access to Bittrex, I also no longer trust them. HitBTC is also not an exchange I can trust.

Visibility of eMAID also needs to be made clear on cmc as a contract on the MAID listing. So new people that discover the project can find it on uniswap. Fundamentally most people don’t have a reason to trade right now, the weekly updates have had no anticipation of release for a long time.
MaidSafe tinkering in a basement isn’t very engaging from a community perspective. When will the next big test net be? what’s the outstanding tasks to get there? We don’t really know, even though there is an update, it’s basically progress has continued. While this is fine for a holder point of view, until there is excitement in the project again, the usefulness of exchanges / eMAID will be limited.

P2PB2B MAID/BTC is also not visible on cmc, which means there is no path for people to find a niche coin on a niche exchange. I also personally think the choice of eMAID/BTC was not ideal eMAID/USD would have been better. For such a low liquidity coin not having to manage two volatile currencies would make it cheaper to market make, and allow more liquidity to be provided.

While the last few months have massively improved the access of MAID (e.g I can now buy monthly again via uniswap), liquidity will be driven by excitement so it’s just a waiting game for toys. Because at this point we have a stigma of 9 years? of development, it’s not going anywhere and it’s boring. We need more things like mobile apps, long running test nets, fake SNT. We need to make this stuff easy to find, and show people what’s possible today.


Could, sure, should, IMO no, funds are important, and it all takes time away from concentrating on a usable product, that must come first , even if it needs polishing.
That i believe is why the downsizing and concentrating on launch took priority, and im glad it happened.

The other stuff is important and will no doubt happen when its needed, but that time is not yet here.