C# Developer here

Hello old friends,

Sorry I fell out of touch. I’m a c# developer, and I’m looking to contribute to this project. What’s the community’s best recommendation where I can do a lot of good?

I’m a strong supporter of internet freedom, and with the massive amount of censorship going on right now I feel a tremendous amount of guilt for not helping you guys out more.



Making a YouTube like video sharing app would be hugely successful.

JAMS is focusing on music and will support podcast and I’m planning to branch out to a podcast centric app as well, along with a dedicated verified artist platform for publishing to JAMS.

@Shane is on hiatus at the mo I believe but is working on word press style content publishing and management with a future focus on search and e-commerce. Last I knew anyhow.


Frames was great but they seem to have moved on. SafeTube was extremely minimal and didn’t even really have upload functionality yet.

So yeah I agree a video sharing site / web app / app with a clean UI would be one of the biggest draws that brings people into the SAFE network.

Just watch out for attempts on getting crushed by Netflix, YouTube or the far east / any pro-censorship groups one day, once it grows to noticeable levels :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Frames was indeed but I kept in touch with Ethan for awhile and it was clear that they were moving on to careers and such so they got busy with after college life. The repo should still be there if someone wanted to use the interface at least.


This is the c# repo. https://github.com/maidsafe/safe_app_csharp
There is a nuget package generated from it. I’m not sure what sort of testing is done in it, but I’m guessing that expanding unit or other test coverage on it would probably be helpful at this stage.


hey @cl0ck3d, welcome to the community :smiley: .

It’s great to see you want to contribute to the project. We have multiple repos where we use C# for the development. As @drehb mentioned safe_app_csharp is the main repo where you can check the .NET package code. There are a couple of mobile apps (SafeAuthenticator & SafeMobileBrowser) which are developed using Xamarin.Forms.

You can check the repos and see if you can find an issue to work on or if you want to add some features/enhancements then you can create an issue in the repo and tag me so we can discuss the changes and move forward.



SafeChan. 4chan wont have a look in.


Hey @cl0ck3d - I’m jumping in with a slightly personal one here, but I see your profile image and can’t resist.

From the github:
"Pursuance is open source software for effectively organizing groups and individuals to achieve a shared mission.

At its core, Pursuance is end-to-end encrypted task management software designed to facilitate mass collaboration/coordination, and that has a number of unique features."

I was following the project excitedly but it seems to have died, if someone were to make something like that for SAFE I think it could be huge, and has the possibility ‘to do a lot of good’ (I’m taking this and defining it in quite a broad sense, I admit).


I don’t have much to add, I’m sure you’ll find something to work on.


That is beautiful makes me want to learn more go-lang.


Oh yeah baby here we go MAIDSAFE, just absolutely beautiful code every time. I really have to hand it to the developer teams at MAID.


That’s very nice of you to say so @cl0ck3d. Please tell lots of your other C# dev pals too :slight_smile:
There’s room here for lots more folk .