Buying Safecoin Outside Safe Network

Will it be possible to buy Safecoin outside of the Safe Network? ie on Poloniex


Safecoin will not be attached to any sort of blockchain so my understanding is no.

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You may want to check with @dallyshalla who is the SAFE exchange guru!

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@stonesfever yes people can sell SafeCoins from their personal SafeCoin wallet.

So, poloniex would have a Safecoin wallet, that they link up with their order matching software. People would trade, and then redeem their Safecoin from the exchange, or any other currencies.

So technically they don’t leave the network, but they can be traded in the way described above, I think that those methods will become less popular due to the potential risks of needing to trust a central party. Some folks enjoy that anyway… and we hope that even those centralized exchanges have excellent software to protect depositors coins, some people need to know each other in advance to do trades, and require a human escrow for their own reasons.

I hope you will find it easy to also exclusively use the decentralized exchange, where you trade your own balance with goods directly, and alt coins even vs depositing with someone else to be able to buy them…

TL;DR, yes poloniex can be configured to trade live Safecoin.

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I see, thanks. I’d hate to see MaidSafeCoin build up decent value only to have it wiped out by Safecoin being released for a dirt cheap price. Just musing out loud lol

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Once the network is live and safecoin is up and running you will be able to exchange your maidsafecoin for safecoin at a 1:1 ratio, so no worries there!


if anything they’d probably have a higher price since they’re real, and designed secure coins, a parallel protocol like ether, bitcoin, litecoin, etc…

And they buy the storage space, so if that value is higher than maidsafecoin at launch then safecoin will be worth more for a few minutes than maidsafecoin, and if the storage space turns out too expensive per safecoin then safecoin will go down from where maidsafecoin was…

Nonetheless the value of the safecoin could also be found that it is secure, and personal (no public ledger of owners) and so this is a novel characteristic.

And then all the “smart” instant services you can consume because of safecoin residing on the data type flexible network that lets you link up any distances for any reasons you want.


Bummed I can only like this once! So pumped for all the applications of both the network and the coin!!! Heck yes!!