Buying SAFE-FS Coins Thread

Lots of people asking me how to buy,

So I’m making this thread to give them a place to ask u guys, until I have it on the exchanges (within a few weeks… so many things to do rn)

Feel free to ask here Nono, Wadidja, Harv, Manani and all the others who ask me on all the social media. I’m sending you all a link to this thread now


Ok. How to buy SAFE-FS? Which exchanges it is listed?


I can definitely see how that post was kinda confusing

Right now there’s a few, this is one:


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@JRRRRR has put up for sale a few SAFE-FS coins in the link above. This is the smart contract for the SAFE-FS coins, always check if it matches before you buy from a decentralized exchange:

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