Buying maidsafe

Awesome, well I’ll just wait for the web socket feeds, and then see if I can provide some maid liquidity :sunglasses:

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so ihave transferred some eth to poloniex…i have done this wrong? It looks like i can only buy maid with eth on polo

btc and xmr- see different tabs in polo

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thanks…though doesn’t look like maid is avaliable

guess I’ll need to buy btc which kind of adds in an extra step…have no idea how much I’ll lose on the trades 2%? I’m not wanting to be a trader genuinely buy and hold. Anybody know if maid is sometimes available to buy using eth on polo?

Exchange rates on Polo are pretty low (.15% I think?). Just exchange your Eth for BTC, and then BTC for MAID. You’ll lose a little bit, but it’s pretty negligible in the long run. Depending on the fees for transfer at the time (and the amount being purchased), it can be cheaper to exchange than buying BTC and sending it to Polo.

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Is ChainRift any good? HitBtc currently charges 217 Maid for a withdrawal! I’ve seen quite a few negative reviews for Cryptopia. Poloniex requires KYC which I prefer to avoid. Any solid reccomendations? Is Cryptopia ok? I really miss Bittrex.


You can use Cryptopia had no issues with them. They charge 29 Maid for a withdrawal.

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Hi @snaporaz,

Sorry, I don’t want to get in to any bun fights by suggesting one is better than another and to be honest I’m not particularly experienced with crypto so my advice wouldn’t be worth much at all.

217 Maid seems (very) excessive to me.


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Me too, Bittrex was great and HitBTC are not very ecosystem friendly aimed mostly at speculators for swapping around between the latest greatest coins without ever withdrawing, not people who want to buy Maid to own it.
The regional (NZ/Aussie) exchanges are Ok but lack liquidity due to limited userbase which will probably not change due to their local focus.

I would love to see a new top ten international exchange list Maid to replace Bittrex. I recently posted news about Bitfinex. Their developers just implimented Omni Protocol (used by MaidSafeCoin) so would probably be open to leveraging all that hard work to list another. Unfortunatly no word yet from the team on that thread though… not sure who is in charge of that department, the very busy @dugcampbell perhaps?


We’re exploring a listing with Bittrex International atm @krnelson, and we’ll update as soon as we have gone through that process with them.

Regards Bitfinex, I think we’re a little uncomfortable with this one. As you are probably aware there has been a lot of negative press about the exchange for sometime and while I can’t confirm anything myself conclusively, it certainly feels like there is a lot of smoke around that potential fire. So I question whether it makes sense for us to actively pursue a listing there at the present time and market the exchange to all MAID users when we have at least some doubts.


Thanks for the clarification Nick. The “smoke” (pretty clear trollish FUD IMO but besides the point) will not stop while Tether remains market leader and target of US finance industry, so that will count out this exchange for the foreseeable future. Pity. I hope the same does not happen to Safe Network when it starts eating Amazon AWS market share :slight_smile:


I don’t think being listed on an exchange is bad, even it it may be shady. HitBTC definitely seems scammy, but I don’t see why being listed on it should hurt the SAFE project. Recommending or marketing any exchange that is not controlled by Maidsafe, however, should probably be avoided.


It does happen, but exchanges typically don’t list coins without some form of marketing partnership and collaboration agreed with them I’m afraid, Sascha, endorsing them would be a part of the listing. This enables them to maximise their trade commission by tapping into coin owners communities.


Agreed. Shady is a relative term. For example the old Bittrex was a decent exchange. However since they delisted Maid Bittrex has begun pushing TrueUSD (TUSD not to be confused with Tether, USDT) which could be argued going completely against the fundamental principles of the SAFENetwork and something Maidsafe should never have anything to do with. The irony would be very thick if Bittrex International lists MaidSafeCoin against TUSD, a deep state funded (Palantir Technologies) stable coin built for stripping away anonymity and tracking above and beyond your run of the mill KYC/AML process. Perhaps that is the real reason they delisted MaidSafeCoin - it is a fundamentally anti-privacy exchange. Contrast that Bitfinex which contributions to open source, launching a trustess decentralised exchange (EthFinex) so we can control our own coins with plans to move further in that direction. Which exchange is more “shady”, then?

The so called FUD is not FUD if it is real.

September 2014, USDT starts, Bitfinex declares that they are separate from USDT.

May 22, 2015, Bitfinex loses 1500 BTC, woth $400 000 at the time, due to its hot wallet is hacked.

June 2, 2016. The U.S. Commodity futures trading comission fines Bitfinex %75 000 for offering illegal off-exchange financial retail commodity transactions in bitcoin and other alt coins, also for failing to register as a futures comission merchant.

August 2, 2016, In the second largest ccrypto heist in history, Bitfinex is hacked and loses 120 000 Bitcoins. Bitfinex gives it’s customers a haircut and cuts 36% of their funds.

August 17, 2016 Bitfinex announces it has hired Ledger Labs blockchain forensic firm to investigate the theft and perform a financial audit of it’s crypto/fiat assets. The public never sees the result, later Bitfinex admits never hiring Ledger Labs.

March , 2017. Wells Fargo, the last bank willing to process Bitfinex transactions cuts them from all services.

April 17, 2017 Bitfinex announces it has been shut off by it’s main banks in Taiwan

May 5, 2017. Bitfinex hires Friedman LLP to make an comphrehensive balance sheet audit, later their relationship breaks up with no audit as result.

November 7, 2017 Leaked documents #Paradise Papers" shows that Bitfinex and Tether are tied together and is owned by the same individuals.

November 19, 2017 - Tether is hacked, 31 million USDT, They hard fork to prevent those funds from being spent.

November 6, 2017. The CFTC sends supoenas to Bitfinex and Tether.

This is just some of Bitfinex/Tether facts, not including the latest month of trouble, for more.

I have used to exchange my BTC to MAID.
They show you a list of exchanges where you can exchange BTC to MAID.

For the most exchanges they list, no login is required and Coinswitch handles the exchange, so you can stay on Coinswitch’s website during the whole process. They also have a nice tutorial:

I find the UX really good and it has worked well for me.
One time, I used Changelly from Coinswitch and IMO they charged a fairly high fee, although this review states otherwise:
Another time, Coinswitch recommended Cryptopia being the best offer and they have charged almost no fee.

You are using misleading argumentation techniques when you are trying to shame regulated exchanges for being dirty just because of the fact they are regulated. Using misleading/manipulative argumentation techniques usually means people lack fair arguments or have a personal interest/gain in the topic.

When reading about Bitfinex on Reddit people seems to have trouble to withdraw their money, one person states that:
“Has anyone had a successful fiat withdrawal? I am starting to be concerned that Bitfinex has a capital issue with user’s funds with all these fiat withdrawal posts. Perhaps they can’t send user’s money until new money comes in.”

That would be great Nick. We definitely need a couple of big centralized exchange listings. Unfortunately, thats where the volume is right now and the place to go for inexperienced tech folks like me. If we can make it work with Bittrex, Binance or nay of the bigger ones that will be awesome. Even coinbase.

Withdrawal fee on Hitbtc is ridiculous. If someone wants to buy a small amount every month, its not possible without giving large % to Hitbtc and no one wants to keep their coins on Hitbtc (i think). I personally have been forced to use it only because we no longer have Bittrex.

Getting myself certified on Poloniex took for ever as their system could not read my DLicense even after 5 attempts - I just gave up.

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That list is a good example of a typical FUD hit piece: Some truth and half truths spun in negative way, complete omission of any important positive facts and outright lie or two thrown in for good measure. Lets break it down:

  1. On the three hacks: First one no mention that all losses absorbed by Bitfinex, second Multisig/Bitgo hack no mention that the 36% haircut debt instrument was paid back in full 7 months later, an exceptional response given the alternative which many critics appeared to prefer: Bitfinex shutdown and a Mt Gox style resolution with users left mostly empty handed. The third tether hack was hard forked out (which drew even more criticism from critics, but hey).

  2. On all the many entries relating to bank blockades, bank account shutdowns and general finance industry malfeasance - this is endemic to the sector and not Bitfinex specific there are literally hundreds of examples from all over the world, more come in weekly. The incumbent finance industry (and industry captured regulators) are fighting a war against the crypto currency sector. Rather than reflecting badly on Bitfinex or the many other crypto currency companies and startups affected by this blatant abuse of state and cartel power, it is a strong reminder of why decentralisation is so important for true financial inclusion (see more on this important point by Andreas Antonopoulos, below).

  3. The list failed to mention that the CFTC has also sent supoenas to Bitstamp, Coinbase, Itbit, and Kraken. So? Nothing has come of it, and no charges. All part of the previously mentioned war on the crypto currency sector.

  4. Outright lie: Bitfinex did hire Ledger labs. “Ledger Labs’s role was limited to security and investigative services related to the security breach”. The actual complaint levelled at Bitfinex is that ledger labs, a blockchain security auditing company cannot perform financial audits as was first announced by Bitfinex before the contract and terms were settled. The case is still open so no surprise there has been no wrap up as yet.

  5. Failure to find industry auditor partner: Also not specific to Bitfinex: this kind of audit is “better than nothing”. You get this one a lot, and trying to single out Bitfinex is outright misleading. No account auditing firm and especially not the big four will currently go near crypto-currency startups or companies that disrupt their bread and butter finance industry contracts. Until the sector matures we have to make do with limited evidence.

  6. (5.1) The top 10 exchanges are raking in billions, so claiming Bitfinex does not have the money to cover approx 2 billion tether issued is just not credible.

  7. It was known before the paradise papers that Bitfinex was in a very close relationship with Tether. Again no surprise to learn it is the same management team, and the paradise papers contain no evidence of malfeasance.

  8. Point 7 leads on to another thing not mentioned on that version of the list: The months on end of news stories about Tether being used to manipulate BTC prices. Of course no retraction or mention that, oops, that was all a fabricated lie. Tether issuance and destruction does not manipulate the market after all.

All up, a poorly structured FUD hit piece without solid in depth arguments, aimed more for the “nocoiner” crowd that are not sympathetic to wider problems faced by most companies in the cryptocurrency sector.

I guess you mean here that I pointed out the hard fact that TrueUSD is partly funded by Palantir Technologies, a known shadowy private military deep state contractor with a publicly stated mission to track absolutely everything. That means is all your wallet transactions on and off exchange tied back to an identity, not just a once off exchange KYC check we are used to. I have no doubt that this would reflect very poorly on Maidsafe if MaidSafeCoin is listed on Bittrex paired against TrueUSD.

Please refrain from ad-hominem and I reject the charge that I am being manipulative or misleading - quite the opposite: To make this clear one of the leading thought leaders in this space, Andreas Antonopoulos, lays out quite clearly why this Bittrex/TrueUSD privacy issue really is a big deal and at odds with the SAFENetwork project and is destructive to the crypto currency sector in general. It really is worth your time to watch and especially @nicklambert @dugcampbell if they are currently negotiating with Bittrex on why it is important to avoid MAID/TUSD pairing:

Worse Than Useless: Financial Surveillance

If you want to continue this discussion I suggest you start with attacking the extremely well argued points that Andreas Antonopoulos raises, but I hope he can convince you to reconsider your position. Also be sure to check the related videos section in his info comment. “Money as a System-of-Control” as it is closely related and helps explain why Tether is so hated and targeted by the finance industry/US regulators. Well worth the time.

I am open to serious well thought out criticism of Bitfinex and would change my mind about them if there was a credible problem. They are just another exchange to me where I happen to buy some coins from time to time. I also enjoy their open source projects and Ethfinex is a breath of fresh air for a top ten exchange to launch. I fear MaidSafe is going to face similar troll armies of bad press once it starts making inroads into the big business cloud market, Safecoin targeted for its enhanced privacy features and superior transferability.