Buying maidsafe



is the guide here still a good route? i.e omniwallet/ coinbase/live coin)

what about changelly as i was previously pointed towards.




The process I use is:

  1. Buy bitcoin (e.g. Coinbase).
  2. Transfer that btc to an exchange (let’s say ChainRift to get the argument-ball rolling) that deals in MAID.
  3. Purchase MAID with btc.
  4. Withdraw to Omniwallet.

That’s it.



Would buy litecoin or ethereum because the transaction is much more faster. That’s the way I do it. The rest is like @DGeddes stated it.


Chainrift does not allow US residents or does it even matter?


Hi Gagan,

The chaps at ChainRift might be able to answer better than me about who’s invited to the party.
^^^ @dannyrdee, @mmitech

I guess if you wanted to try others you could check these two (and there’s more out there…) out:

I, of course am not suggesting one over another.



thanks for the help, I have a binance and coinbase account…don’t think maid is supported on binance so will look into opening changerift or similar. Last time i looked poloniex had suspended new registrations but I’d hope that is is no longer the case. Will probably use eth or lite as the vehicle as @Nastypasty. Ta


fyi: the last days Poloniex has had moments that it wasn’t reachable (like now). And yesterday BTC trading wasn’t possible for a period.
I hope this has something to do with their infrastructure improvements but they aren’t communicating what is happening and it seems that not many people care, e.g. on twitter.
Ps: has somebody tried cointree?


And there is that includes MAID. Low volume, but if you place the orders at a reasonable price then they will be filled eventually.


Maybe something in addition would not store my coins on omniwallet. I prefer a paper wallet because it is more secure than every other free of cost option :slight_smile:


I want to buy some coins now, but Poloniex is not an option for me because of insane KYC + they have other technical issues right now. Neither HitBTC(I do not trust them, too many bad rumors). Cryptopia is good, but there are not any sell orders. Chainrift has 0 daily volume. Isn’t there anybody who want to earn some money by trading on polo and Cryptopia at the same time? We need liquidity. Simply some bot which will place sell orders at slightly higher price levels than they are at hitBTC and poloniex would really help. Chainrift has 0 volume, what prevents them to create liquidity with arbitrage bot? My options died with bittrex delist.


well Iv’e just transferred some funds into coinbase…i did have some eth but it has slightly dwindled in value from 6 months ago. My poloniex account also seems to have been approved (only 6 months or so!) fingers crossed that’s the KYC step passed? Just waiting on CB now allocating my transfer and then hopefully onwards and upwards.


i had no problem with poloniex kyc, no idea whats the buzz is about


Some people just don’t want to share ID scans, pictures and private information with the people who had promised something and then failed to keep their promises.

Some people simply consider Polo a bunch of crooks.

Having said that, the verification process itself is a piece of cake.


Hmhmm I would be careful with recommending hitbtc… The withdrawal fees have been insane in the past (more than 200 maid iirc… Especially unbelievable when the price was above 1 dollar… I don’t know how the current situation is… But worth checking before sending someone there I guess… )


I should caveat all my posts with THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION.

I was only attempting to point to a couple of exchanges which list MAID.

You’ve raised a fair point though @riddim - consider this my last mention of any exchanges or routes to purchasing any coin or the likes.


Has chainrift got future plans to add a websocket feed instead of just REST connections?
Is the REST API stable or a work in progress?


Another exchange that have just started listing MAID and was brought to my attention is Cointree - - again, no recommendations etc from me/MaidSafe whatsoever - but I’ve received the following details from them directly:-

Cointree is a leading digital currency exchange in Australia, we started as in 2013 with the vision of making bitcoin more accessible to everyday Australians. Fast forward 5 years, we now have over 60,000 members who has traded over $100M on out platform.

We are registered under AUSTRAC an Australian governing body for anti-terrorism and money laundering, we are also apart of ADCA Australian Digital Commerce Association.

We recently rebranded and launched our new platform offering more than just bitcoin and over 40 other digital currencies with the goal of expanding internationally. Our aim is to offer over 100+ coins by the end of the year.

You can convert Fiat > Crypto on our exchange with the main pairing of BTC, other pairs such as BCH, ETH, XRP and LTC will be added shortly.

MAID is currently paired with BTC and can be purchased and sold via the pairing.

You can find out more info on our website and media release with several partnerships with other industry companies. Such as bill payment options on our platform where they can use any coins they want on our exchange to pay household bills using Gobbill

Has anyone had any dealings here? If you have, please share any thoughts you have about them with the community (either here or in a separate thread).


yes chainrift will offer a WS API, in fact we have already finished developing it, it is going throug the QA and documentations process, it will be publicaly available for users just in few weeks.


yes, liquidity builds up only if people are willing to offer it by trading on our platform…so it is a chicken and egg problem.
We certainly will not fake volume like some exchanges do.


Awesome, well I’ll just wait for the web socket feeds, and then see if I can provide some maid liquidity :sunglasses: