Buying Maidsafe tokens using bitcoin

I have bitcoins so where do I use them to buy Maidsafe tokens and can I save them in my bitcoin paper wallet…thanks for any advice.

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you can buy MAID on poloniex, hitBTC, cryptopia, openledger.
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check this post, here you can fins some info on wallets Omnicore wallet - the most secure wallet for your Maidsafecoins

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(but keep in mind that hitbtc charges more than 200 maid for withdrawal of maid… At least it was like that last time I was told any numbers…)

Side note - Changelly seems to be an option too


I came across Changelly in my searches and purchased a small amount without too much trouble to see how things turned out. I used an Omniwallet to do the transaction by moving bitcoins to Omniwallet from Coinbase. Could I just have sent the bitcoins from Coinbase for this transaction? Also,can I send my Maidsafe tokens to a Paper wallet I’ve created to keep them in a safer environment?

There is also, this topic:

Which has some great comments about other options.



I’ll just pop this link down here as an aide-mémoire and close off the topic:

Buy MaidSafeCoin