Buying maidsafe coins


Wondering if anyone can give a bit of hand holding. I am wanting to purchase some coinage and wondering if there are any up to date recommendations around. Originally i looked into this late last year but at the time Bittrex was temporary closed to new signups - well almost 2 months on this is still the case!!?

I have a coinbase account if that helps - what is the cheapest or optimum way to buy? I see escrow services have been offered/ mentioned. Any advice welcome ty


Yeah if you have bitcoin then it’s super easy

We got delisted from the automatic ones like shapeshift so there’s these escrows:

If nobody else from there is available then I’ll do it. The only one I know in person and can personally vouch for on there is @Harvindar so far

But have known @beekeeper on this forum for years, same with @Sascha both online tho


What about and I’ve exchanged on Poloniex before, it was OK.

Poloniex is a safe bet for now but it’s best to get in and make your buy and then move the safecoins off the exchange to a suitable wallet and do it ASAP. Disregard the post on this forum warning against Poloniex. There is no merit to the claims.


Yes, like I said here MaidSafeCoin Forum Escrows,
I can help if there is a need. I live in Finland, in case that has any relevance.

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thanks for the help. Unfortunately i don’t have any bitcoin. I was under the impression that etherium and litecoin were more cost effective and quickerfor exchanging…is this no longer the case or is it simply bitcoin is the only one accepted at the few exchanges to buy?

I’m new to crypto, not planning to buy or run a hard wallet - think i read that omniwallet (online) is preferable for storing over exchanges.

I will check out Poloniex for nohanks, and keep in mind possibilty of escrow suggestions ty.

For speed, I like sending litecoin to exchanges, exchange for bitcoin, exchange to maid, then send maid to personal wallet. I know it’s a few extra steps, which means added exchange fees, but save on transaction fees when send LTC vs BTC.

Ah, that’s interesting, do you know how much is saved?

I find ripple is even quicker than ltc for that approach. You need to price your conversions though because sometimes the price difference is several percent between exchanges

Hmhmm btc fees are low again - not sure if saving on fees but spending on exchanges does make sense atm…

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So you buy ripple, exchange for btc and then exchange for maid?

Right - this was a few weeks ago when it was $16 per BTC transaction vs $1.5 for LTC. For me, was a no brained at the time. Definitely keep an eye on different fee structures per exchange.

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I am wanting to purchase some coinage and wondering if there are any up to date recommendations around.

You can now buy MAID via decentralized exchange


Has anyone on this board used Changelly to buy crypto with a VISA or MC? How did it go?

I did use it only against BTC and worked fine.
No experince with VISA but I did checked rates and buying altcoin with VISA was mid price plus 13% . Better to buy first BTC with VISA (then BTC to MAID) or buy BTC elsewhere.

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Syscoin has escrow. They did emphasis that they don’t want it being used like an exchange but they did make their platform decentralized soooooo…