Buyers will completely determine price in any system we'd want

Actually, the donation is at over 200.000 dollars right now, although I’m not sure if that already includes the money from the linux foundation and facebook. Just wanted to get that out there :wink:

There’s tons on Kickstarter, but generally they’re pretty small in scope unless they have talent attached. Pre-existing IPs can make millions. Although there’s definitely the diamond in the rough every now and then. If you like independent films, check out Blue Ruin. I actually saw it at a theater by me before I knew it was a Kickstarter success. Small, small revenge movie. But if you like slow burns, it’s really good.

My fear with that… isn’t that the same (or worse) than our current system? The loudest, the squeakiest wheels, get the money. “He isn’t known.” So the unknown get no money. The known do. One a continuum, do the more well known get more? And we’re back to square one!

The guy maintaining GnuPG wasn’t (until very, very recently, and when he’s almost had to stop his work entirely) making any money. 25k in the US for a family with kids is terrible. Let alone someone that should have a staff of at least one other person.

Dah! Foiled by timing! All discussion aside… that’s just amazing.

EDIT: OH GOD I’m in a Warren thread… get me the hell outta here before he awakens…


That’s what you get for cherry picking an edge case! :wink:

Seriously, there are much better examples of crowd funding and the options it provides. Elite Dangerous is well funded and pretty indie. The 3D printer stuff has impressed too. I don’t follow all the efforts, but there are some interesting examples.