Buy & hold Maidsafe coin or sell & buy Safecoin

I bought maidsafe but then when it was delisted from a couple of exchanges, I sold it. I have now become aware that maidsafe coin is being switched for safecoin? However when I looked at safecoin it is only trading on Dragonex & Graviex? Is this correct? There are several “Safe” coins out there, are they all yours? I don’t want to buy the wrong one. My main question is, should I buy and hold maidsafe or is this now being ditched for Safecoin. If so, which and where can I buy safecoin? Thank you.


Safecoin is not in existence yet. The Safecoins currently listed on exchanges are NOT related to this project. They are scams, so please avoid them.

Well, MAID will be traded 1:1 for Safecoin (once Safecoin actually available). Personally, I would just buy and hold MAID now, but as per always DYOR to make the best decision for you.


Safecoin won’t be issued until the Network goes live so they cannot be purchased at the moment. Currently you can buy MaidSafeCoin which will be swapped on a 1-to-1 basis for Safecoin when released.

MaidSafeCoin is listed on the Bitcoin blockchain and can be purchased on a number of exchanges including:


MaidsafeCoin MAID will be swapped 1 for 1 at some time in the future when the necessary features have been properly tested and implemented. I believe the vast majority of the development is complete, so hopefully not too much longer to wait.
Right now anything calling it self SAFECoin or similar is nothing to do with this project and neither I nor anyone else here can give you any advice on these coins.

Right now the only effective place to trade MAID is on Bittrex.
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Other exchanges do list MAID but they either have a bad rep for scamming or ludicrously inflated volume and are best avoided
Please note MAID on Bittrex is only for non-US residents.