"... but but crypto has no intrinsic value" - every government right now

You could also say the same thing about the bit of metal and paper in my wallet. I suppose I could create a crude hunting device with my metal coin and then use my note to start a fire to cook my catch.

Let’s look at the properties needed for something to be money.

crypto ticks every box… The last one is debatable, but you can’t get more stable than a counterfeit proof coin. How many fish a crypto coin will buy you is down to market forces, which can be regulated.

… maidsafe is further backed by data “the oil of the modern world”.

Im leaning towards “rip up your fiat” with maxkeiser, it is symbolic, but at the moment could be a little disrespectful to do in front of people who have to work hard for a dollar. I suppose that’s why it’s attention grabbing.

Anywho… Crypto ticks all, if not more, boxes that GBP and USD to function as money.